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  1. Can bwnto anchor can be removed? Or it is permnement?
  2. What do you mean by "bento(?) anchor"?
  3. Tut stats don't matter it's their hire value that matters. 15b per 1mcs is what you need
  4. You’ll want to make sure you’re at max plunder. So that’ll be $15m for every 1kcs of your stats or $15b for every 1mcs.

    Stats of the tutors doesn’t matter for max plunder, you just have to meet the correct total hire value.
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  5. From what I know I heard that it’s used when ATA is investing accounts. I assume that it will be removed after.
  6. They prevent people from trading bentos?
  7. Yep. You aren’t able to trade or gift them I believe.
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  8. Ah, that's good news
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  9. I cant find ANY info on the new rp ot
  11. I cannot found it in my showcase. I obtain it from our Black CC party.
  12. It’s in your showcase. Just past your chibi bentos.
  13. Type /roles
    Can be used in club chat and pms. Gotta have 1 of the porn avis to do the / thingy tho
  14. “Porn avis”. I can’t anymore. 🤣🤣🤣
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  15. Can't what
  16. The way you said it. Lol
  17. The porn bot don't work with out the porn avis gotta have at lest 1 them or it don't work
  18. I'm not going to stop until they CF. She picked a fight with the wrong person and is now trying to play the victim.
  19. Lol dude I'm on your side like I said its part of the game. They can ether deal with the fight back or uninstal
  20. Can u show me new god avatars