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  1. Depends on the club and if they’re running a special promotion. But some clubs might, it’s hard to say.
  2. What do they usul do I don't remeber like most clubs do
  3. I don't think there's a huge concensus on what "most clubs" do. Plus, honestly, cat clubs come and go a lot, and change their promotions frequently. What "most clubs" did last year could be wildly different this year depending on the popularity of the BF hunt, and how many people are wanting to book a session. Your best bet would be to contact some cat club admins personally and ask if they are pre-booking for BF, and/or if they have an idea if they'll be doing any promotions. This will help you get a good idea of what might be offered come late November.
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  4. How do you get table scraps to level up pets? 👀
  5. Here is the link to the Pet Guide which has all the known information about pet feeding.
    You'll find the info you're looking for under the pet box section.
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  6. How do you redeem the fae shards once you've gotten enough of one??
  7. Buy the male or female fae activator in the store
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  8. If we wanted the VIP fae avatar? How do we do that? It says we need the original one first, so will we buy the activator at the first level avatar and it’ll automatically combine when we got the shards for VIP? Or do we buy the activator again and it just wont combined the shards for VIP until it sees we have the first already?
  9. Tap on the shards and look at what they say it tell to you
  10. How do I redeem my fae shards for thr furniture?
  11. fae shards are for avis and furniture shards are for furni
    they both have activators in the store for once you obtain the required number of shards
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  12. What’s the current market price for selling stats item?
  13. ... Depends
    Do you mean the current price of recent Main Story Rewards?

    Or older Main Story Rewards?
    Or do you want to know the prices for each side story reward?
  14. typically
    2.5mcs mix for 1 bento
    2mcs single for 1 bento
    3mcs single for 2 bentos
    4mcs single for 3 bentos
    These prices will change depending on rarity and sometimes depending on if it is a cute animal or sum
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  15. How about 6mcs mix (1mcs-750kcs-500kcs-250kcs) ?
  16. If you are selling mixed then 2.5mcs mixed is 1 bento.

    6mcs mixed would be about 2 bentos and 15(ish) chibis. Depends on the items though
  17. Hey ATA, here’s a question for ya. When is the second box opener coming back. In a past Hunt we were allowed to open 2 timer boxes at a time and then it got reduced back to 1 box. Will the second timer box come back in the future or now if possible?
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  18. Ata duznt look here send a ticket ask them they will problem say no or some other copy paste reply
  19. Probably but I liked being able to get 2 opened. Now I just have so many timer boxes
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  20. Yehh it was good