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  1. So I've known for years that the max plunder formula is kcs* $15m or mcs * 15b (even though, past some mcs, you're fine with less than that).

    But today has come to my attention than an alt of mine was getting less plunder per hit so I assumed I got some tuts hired while offline and started hiring more at about 1b each...

    And plunder increased about 1m (in a fight bar) per every tut hired...

    But!!! When I checked the total cost of Tutors owned and calculated the good ol' formula, I found it was way over the minimum needed for max plunder...

    Has, perhaps, the formula recently changed? Another explanation?

    The account is 302.5 kcs, my calculator says it should own 4.5b in tutors, but it was around/almost 12b by now and started buying more to test at around 7b. :?:
  2. What is changeover in potd?
  3. @Quimey you should test tut plunder for us and see if it’s changed ??
    Changeover just refers to when POTD changes, which is 12pm pacific time.
  4. What is max plunder and how do you use it to your advantage?
  5. Max plunder is the highest amount you can make on party hits/pvp you obtain it by having the correct tutor amounts for your stats
  7. I am starting a new club and I want to unlock big Japan what I need to do.
  8. Swipe on your parties to the “Otaku” list and unlock those, you’ll eventually reach the Big In Japan party
  9. I own jam but it wont alliw me to buy knives, whats going on? We only needed one more hit for potd japan but I couldnt get the knife but I have 6 jams
  10. Each party only allows a few slow jams to be used (by any member) so I would assume your club reached that limit
  11. How do I make a post in the forums? I’ve tired logging in using my PIMD info, but it doesn’t work. I tried to register, but there isn’t any buttons for me to register.
  12. Only moderators and developers can access forums on a browser.

    Other users can post via the app by selecting a subforum (not Active Topics) and tapping 'New post'. I recommend only posting in either Other PIMD Discussion or Off-topic.
  13. I didn’t know this! Thank you so much for the info!
  14. Is the narwhal item not tradable?
  15. Which narwhal item? There are several. The furniture 499ec is, but I do not know of any showcase narwhal items that are.

    To find out if a showcase item is tradeable, tap the icon for it. If there is a red gift box in the upper left hand corner of the info card, then it is tradeable! If there is no red gift box, then it is not.
  16. What is in the champagne boxes? Does anyone have a picture of the items?
  17. If you look up the club “A Thinking Ape” and go to their member list, [ATA]Marceline has some you can look at.

    Or just browse through the leaderboard and I’m sure you’ll find someone with them.
  18. How can I combine essences?
  19. Ima noob (and cant remember). How do you figure out your max plunder and if you are priced correctly? Hope I worded that so yall can understand
  20. How long does an ign needs to be inactive in order for it to be cleared thru ticket?