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  1. I know but I was not asked cough the developers cough
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  2. ;) you're still a newb.
  3. Not until you get you're 120 day award. :D
  4. How do you truly tell how good someone is? I here people say 5088 stat and other things of that sort often, what does it mean?
  5. What are the price for t4 crew
  6. I think 300 million.
  7. I know lvl 1 is 600 mil but what are the price for other lvl's
  8. Have no idea, try asking a VIP person for those answers.
  9. What's volleying? Lol
  10. Volleying Is Continuosly Hirimg Someone With Another Person To A Certain Hire Rate.
  11. I need help can someone explain why I can't reset
  12. Can pls enable my reset ?? I screwed this acct up and I wish to start a new pls help me
  13. SlapyaFace, your question was answered like 6 times on this thread and especially one post before yours. It doesnt hurt to at least read the last page, does it?

    To make this post contain at least something usual, Ill answer it again:

    You have to Email the devs at .
    Include the reasons for your reset, your username and that you are referring to PIMD.

    FYI: Resets got disabled because of UDID thieves resetting their victim's accounts.

    Good luck :)
  14. Thx for all the help from all my helpers :)
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  15. hey guyss i need help here is der any ways to delete some mistaken REPLY on some threads? coz at first it doesnt show my reply then i send it again then come to find it it der already.. shoud i just leave it der?
  16. Nope sorry
  17. I was wondering how someone gets speaker items?
  18. Will you hire me?