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  1. Bring up my post
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  2. Oh I thought it was something crazy like bomb under my pillow.
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  3. How to ask admin enable our reset
  4. You have to Email the devs at .
    Include the reasons for your reset, your username and that you are referring to PIMD.

    FYI: Resets got disabled because of UDID thieves resetting their victim's accounts.

    Good luck :)
  5. What is farming in pmid?
  6. Farming is when you battle with a player 5 times or more during a 24 hour period. Ps- this is a good thread
  7. I'm having a problem with my inbox every time I go see it I get thrown out of the game. Someone said that it was a glitch and that I need to uninstall the app and reinstall it but I don't want to loos my account or my crew. What should I do?
  8. Try deletin and reinstalling the app. You don't lose anything, eveything is still there after you reinstall. I have done it my self on numerous occasions.
  9. Hello, I am having this issue with people hire me, the tutor thing. How come is it that my bonus for pupil is higher than others yet my hire value is low?? How on earth does this work??
  10. He guys, shouldn't sexywarrior do the answering of the questions? Not you? Okok don't go all defensive, but we have to remember that no matter how much you wanna help, You have to make sexywarrior answer it because it is HIS Q
  11. How can you become a monitor.
  12. @Stephen - It may be warriors thread but it doesn't hurt to help out.
  13. How come I can't reset my account anymore, it says it's disabled!!
  14. If you want to reset your account email the devs at make sure you include your profile name and what game you want to reset on.
  15. Oh and the reason why!
  16. How do you upgrade yourself? It seems like my crew has went up in levels, but it seems i am still at level one. Cuz Im only worth 1000. Is there a certain level of achievement or is there a specific task you have to do??
  17. I made the thread though I appreciate my helpers and if they give incorrect answers I will correct the :)
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  18. Jack I have a question for you.

    What was the first club ever.