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  1. I would like to know how much longer I have till I'm able to chat again. Is there a way other than to wait???
  2. If u hv been banned, usually 24h till u can chat again.
  3. How do you get more speakers.?
  4. Play longer; Doing jobs to get extra credit or buy extra credit with real money
  5. Also you can use all extra credit you buy or earn in the store to buy them
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  6. I appreciate my helpers :)
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  7. How long did I take u to find out u were a moderator
  8. I don't quite understand wars.. Like what do we do? I haven't had one yet but my club is about to and im trying to figure out a's much a's I can about them before we go to war.
  9. @ROB-DIE it could take months but if you are not made one you will never know
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  10. I want to b a mod how do I do it? Anybody?
  11. Roggy,

    You need to send in an email to the devs at explaining why you deserve to be an RA in pimd (i.e. Do you answer question about the game, help others, report violators of the Terms of Use, etc.) You also should be knowledgeable about the game and follow the rules yourself. A strong and positive relationship withe the people of the pimd community would also be a plus
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  12. I need people to volley me so that I can upgrade how do I get people?
  13. How come I can't send messages
  14. How do u Add people to your dorm?
  15. How do u add people?
  16. To add people to your dorm = Just click your dorm and a list will come up. click on whoever you wish to put in the dorm (make sure u have enough $$$ though)
  17. To add others = Go to their profile and on their icon it says "follow". Click it. If they follow you back you can pm (private messaging)
  18. Don't click on dorm click on the paper looking box that represents the each dorm under the crew tab on the home page :)
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  19. Lol i call paper looking box dorms haha
  20. I know, but someone walled me asking why a list was not popping up when they clicked on the dorm in the background of the home screen. Therefore, I thought it was necessary to expand upon what you said although I understood what you meant.
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