Poetry Thread?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sherily, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. I distinctly remember there being a poetry thread when I first discovered the forums, but I see that it has been locked. I hope it isn't unreasonable to start a new one!

    This thread can extend to other short pieces of literary art as well, so feel free to post! <3

    I will look through my hoard of pieces and find something I am comfortable with sharing as well.
  2. Re: Thread?

    Not only will reduce the amount of poetry threads but will also be one place for reading most of it.
    Sorry I can't rhyme but I appreciate the initiative.
  3. Re: Thread?

    No support. Centralized threads are bad.
  4. Re: Thread?

    But we need them I mean it brings forth more people to forums. I can't imagine so many people coming to forums if there was no selfie thread, it brings non forumers to forums even if they just want to post their poetry or upload a selfie.
  5. Okay, here is one to start. The actual structure of it is a bit messy, but it is reflective of its source, I guess. Haha

    I plead with the abyss to swallow me up
    so I can escape the scratching dissonance
    of my desire to put this ache to a rest
    and, yet, the terror of the end’s imminence.
    I stare into myself with dead eyes and I
    feel like stabbing myself for stimulus
    because I can't feel and can't place
    what I long for with my own wistfulness.
    Each motion I make, each face I see,
    all that I do is done to combat the listlessness
    caused by the waves of mediocrity
    and my own pathetic lack of ambitiousness.
  6. Support. I should try and find my old poetry journals
  7. I didn't know you write! Please do!
  8. I haven't in soooo long. But i have i journal somewhere from years ago
  9. I have seen two poems posted elsewhere since this so...

  10. No. The people have spoken. The poets do not want this.
  11. No one wants you, yet you're still here so BUMP.
  12. I want me.
  13. We all have bad ideas, so it's best to just admit defeat. You're not the Forum Leader, so if people want different poetry threads, let them.
  14. Good for you, tbh. Gotta be your own hero.
  15. I am not forcing anyone to do anything? They can absolutely feel free to post whatever, wherever. Not sure where you are getting my poetry dictatorship from. Haha
  16. I am definitely not my own hero.
  17. No offense, but it's your attitude.
  18. Maybe I have an attitude when you are around because you are always crapping on every single word I say? But, who knows, could be anything.
  19. I don't crap on EVERY word you say. I am sure you say lots of things which I have no problem with both on here and in real life. But I think this thread is a moronic idea and I think people who act as if their pets are people deserve to be ridiculed (it is for their own good).
  20. I’ll post a poem when I find one that’s not so uh.... morbid, lmao. 