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  1. There’s online dating sites specifically targeting certain demographics all over. Whether it be by religion, job, location, or race. So someone explain to me why Black People Meet is totally accepted but the people who created White People Meet were torn apart and called out as being racist?
  2. Coz the world is a hipocrit. It a thingy here to that like. If theres a girls only gym no one cares but if theres a guys only gym it gets shut down coz its not alowed
  3. Why would men only gyms not be allowed? Have ppl tried to do that and then the police/law system cracked down on them?
  4. Women will raise hell
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  5. This post is racist
  6. The YMCA was a men only gym. Idk the story of why it's coed now though, but it might answer your question
  7. Yes, we have this
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  8. I thought it became co-ed because it's also a shelter for homeless ppl/ppl in need of v cheap housing and they realized women also need housing
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  9. There was originally a YMCA and a YWCA
  10. Cheaper building upkeep to just stick em all in one? So you don't have to pay for 2 buildings per area?
  11. Is that why the song “YMCA” is geared towards a Young Man?
  12. Where White People Meet was a failed start-up. The couple that made it had zero experience with running a website and made their high school aged son design the website -- which sucked so bad that while it allowed people to choose their sexual preferences on the website, everyone still got potentials matches from people of the opposite gender. Wasn't really a salvagable or functional dating website beyond the debate of whether or not it was racist.
  13. That reminds me of tinder as a gay dating app. If you set it as "show women" as a women they show you all women including the ones who set their profile to straight. I feel like it's not that hard to fix but they don't
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  14. YMCA= Young Mens Christian Association
  15. Looks like the decided to make the YWCA into a shelter and the YMCA into a gym instead of each doing both. Here's an article from 1992:
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  16. Oh I never knew what it stood for
  17. When I was younger I thought that people were inspired by the song YMCA and made actual YMCAs.

    I was an idiot.
  18. Lol how is that
  19. You're remind me of that person who tweeted smthing like "ik the Harry Potter movies were good and all but why'd Jk Rowling have to go write those books about them"
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