Players Want iWars Brought Back

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -_A_-Legwarmers, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Lol support! it will blow up the feedback!!
  2. Support
  3. Honestly, we don't need wars organized by ATA to start warring again. The problem is there are more people who want to party than those who want to war. ?
  4. A lot more party because it takes a lot to set up a war , and if you do open merc it's never fair. With the I wars they were set equally on each side
  5. We found a way to do it three years ago.  It's just easier to party and make money.

  6. So let them keep doing their hunts and parties. Why cant they run both?? Having the ATA organized wars back would take the hassle out of us players organizing it, ie; asking people to sign up in forums when not everyone even visits forums, working with people's time schedules, people only joining winning sides after war starts, people never showing up, blah blah. The sign ups were right there on your profile page and told you when it'd be so every active player can see it and decide if they will be available, then when sign ups were over people were automatically assigned a team, soooo much easier. It'd be nice if they added hunt drops with the payout if there was a hunt going on at the same time but if not, meh doesn't matter, it was just fun. The least they can do is add it back on our pages to just give us back the option.
  7. Yea, you are right. but for me, a party fairy. i don't do war so often. But we are here for have fun. Sometimes just doing hunt is so boring. That's why we need some quick war like iwar, very simple war, just click join button on profile⇨leave club⇨wait 1 hours and you are in club already. Hahahahaha
  8. So, players want to be lazy instead of putting the work in to set up fair, even wars? If the concern is to evenly distribute stats, then do that. It's more work, but if that's what will make the war the most fun for you, you have to take the time to put into it.
    I wrote a "support" in here somewhere, but after reviewing more of this thread and having participated in multiple wars as of late where hardly any of these nearly 700 people have joined, I'd rather not. If you want to war, check out forums or "campus buzz".
  9. I agree ?
  10. supportt  beta wars were awesome especially when they were around through out the week. bring back beta warss or even a hunt where exclusive items will only drop if u part take in beta war
  11. Only reason you don't support anymore is cause you're a moron.
  12. Excuse me op, where's your team for the war tournament??
  13. Useless alts are useless. If having an opinion is being a moron:
    *Slight edit to your post, Julie.