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  1. Follow me and I'll consider to follow you back ?
  2. Wow... :Lol:
  3. :lol: oops cx
  4. Next is Pimd Myspace...
  5. That's not fair AtA, If we post about 3rd party app we gets Silence.. But you giving Ads for spinner & also posting on forum that you have join Instagram..
    I am sure if i would have gave ads or post about 3rd party app i would get Silence or Banned... So its totally Unfair with us.. change your term n conditions for 3rd party app
  6. We don't allow players to post personally identifying information (including third party account names) in-game for their own safety. We don't allow players to advertise for other games or products to cut down on spam. These rules are in place and apply to all players or Party In My Dorm.

    As we here at ATA represent the Party In My Dorm brand, I don't think it's too crazy for us to advertise our own social media channels. Pretty much every game out there does this, and from a product side of things it's up to our game designers on which features make it into the game.
  7. This mario...I know his ways :LOL:
  8. Nope ;)
  9. Its Ruby or Ellie . Give me clues ?
  10. You're gonna get the first ever PIMD restraining order.
  11. Yes! that would make a great reward. If I was harassing them I would be banned like the rest of trolls. But I haven't.
  12. Muahahaha. It shall forever remain a mystery. Also, you're wrong :D
  13. wheres the wars? or pvp hunts? or anything besides your same,old, wornout, lameass party hunts?
  14. Ruby



    Cause Marvin was moved so it's not him
  15. :shock: you spend a lot of time with support. I only know of Ruby and Ellie.
  16. Me too I just hear about them.
  17. And on feedback
  18. Are you naz?
  19. Hahahahahahahahaha 
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.