PIMDinis - Pep! Series

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  1. A number of new spinner exclusive items are now available!

    Spin the Prize Spinner for your chance at Capsule Snow Leopard Cub, Capsule Red Fox Kit, Capsule Sandpiper Chick, or 1 of 4 new PIMDinis!

    Capsule Snow Leopard Cub

    Capsule Red Fox Kit

    Capsule Sandpiper Chick

    Pep! Volleyball Captain

    Pep! Study Fiend

    Pep! Cowgirl

    Pep! Mad Scientist

    Collect 10 of each Pep! Figure in the set to have them automatically combine into the Viral Set Pep! Case.

    Viral Set Pep! Case
  2. They are pretty cute
  3. 16 hours too late

    Apes be slacking
  4. It's like if they were designed on a rush ?
    Mostly ugly ?
  5. Even more no.
  6. should've removed the old ones ?
  7. I can come up with better concept art with broken hands sigh
  8. They look like the cheap version of a chibi
  9. Poor Ata
  10. Adorable capsules. Love it.
  11. I wanna buy a leopard now
  12. What's wrong with those faces? ?
  13. After 25 spins, not one new item. I hope others have better luck.
  14. Did you think this one through?
    Cause the super pro parties weren't any the issue is still not resolved

    just saying
  15. Close to 40 spins for me... Thankfully no new avatar..
  16. The volleyball captain looks like he wants to kill someone 
  17. Less and less effort on the art for this game. Hire better artists with all the money you make from cc. Since you got rid of pros and added happy hour so your sales would improve.