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  1. I found the pimd wiki here https://pimd.fandom.com/wiki/ but it seems pretty under-developed, what's up with that? I know there's so much good info but it's spread out between discord servers, forum posts, and other hard to navigate places. If the wiki were built up it could be a good searchable database that you don't need an invite to get to.
  2. I assume the wiki is underdeveloped because it takes a lot of effort to maintain a wiki, and whoever got started on it likely gave up.

    I personally think forums is the best place rather than off-game sites and apps for the kind of info you're referencing. Forums is searchable and you also don't need an invite, and it's already part of PIMD. It's more intuitive for new players needing that kind of help to look for it directly in the game they need help with.
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  3. I didn't know we had a wiki
  4. A group of friends and myself created this years ago back when we had more connections in the PIMD community.

    I’d be down to restart it but not sure who’d be interested. :(
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  5. The concept is cool? But I agree with Muschi here since a lot of good resources are available here in forums.
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  6. I find the forums to be completely impossible to search for anything specific
  7. It’s easy if you have a good understanding of the UI. But definitely isn’t super intuitive.
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  8. I'm pimds oldest active-ish forumer. But I believe Muschi would be better to help you
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  9. Forums have historically served as the game's wiki.
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