PIMD Suggestion 1.2

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  1. Woohoo‼️We have celebrated a lot. Buut not as a family!! We should have an official PIMD party‼️ Everyone can vibe and participate in a PIMD family party‼️Theres the Pros but now the Cons😒. 1. INT & STR(Youdont know what that means by now?!😧👉🚪) Basically regular parties we use our INT & STR and there’s probably not another way for is to participate in the party☹️. 2 The “Rewards” No, the only reward we should get is a trophy for participating. I mean the Devs/ATA(You dont know that they are the devs?😧👉🏾🚪) dont need to give us rewards for everything.🤧
  2. 🥰🥳🥳🥳🥳👻Sum1 say partay?? +? 🥳🐸🐸👻👻👻✍️

    I like baccarat
  3. 👉🚪🙂
  4. What is happening here?
  5. Oh nothing most of theae “Suggestions” will be trolls because i just want to post something 😅
  6. Please stop
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  7. 😅Why so?
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  9. Ill try😅