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  1. The game has certainly gone downhill and not so much fun either these days,,, the kick ya got outta a war, the adrenaline rush ya got was what helped make the game,,, ata's greed with hunts purely based on cat cafe and ppl buying cats is the major factor in the game becoming boring 
  2. I miss before cat cafe and when we would try actually complete all parties, work as a team and recruit hard, not just go straight for the ones that unlock Cc and leave the rest, cause I've seen that.
    I miss when you did hunt for items but you didn't have to have a key to get them. When items just dropped from parties all over & it was fun trying to gather them all. Wars & PvP I miss very much so, when yes like previously said it gave you a rush & would be on edge of your seat whole thing & it was great & everyone was active in it.
    But yeah, times change...be nice to bring back same feeling but it's not war/PvP based anymore.
  3. Remembering 24 hour wars ?those are still kinda around now 48 hour wars 
  4. :lol: anyone remember when parties sucked so much you couldn't grow fast off it... So instead it was nothing but inactive farming.

    You came up with ways while dealing with real to hit your farm ever 5min on its timed regen. If I was doing dishes I'd put my cell in a baggy so it didn't get wet n kept it close just to hit.

    :lol: seeing ppl cry on walls not to over hit a farm. Going through old gifts just to find more farms lolz
  5. I miss you 
  6. Lmao yes :lol: I would set a alarm for a min before regen then get on and keep hitting till I got 3 hits in then bam dtw again. Then that feel when u miss it by seconds like the world is gonna end :(
  7. Lol that moment when the status message was at the bottom of the screen??
  8. I miss -Halimah- and -Mrs-Kandy-Bear-Of-Blue-

    Also, what happened to Webby?
  9. Webby still play.

  10. Webby pops in and out of forums haha
  12. Websy is Tylerthecreator, something like that.

    Hes in pax at least the last club i seen him lol
  13. Omg the troutwho remembers the trout that we use to slap people!
  14. Hallo. :3

  15. YES THE TROUT. And the boxers and iced tea. 
  16. Wait iced tea... I dont remember the icedtea websy D: t.t
  17. Wasn't it like an iced coffee?
  18. It was something like that, yeah.
  19. I remember slores galore. We did a war there, 24hrs long and ended up losing by 100m. I remember all of us scrambling for a dn or to find someone who wasn't already pinned during the last few mins! I also remember war hopping, there was always one going on somewhere and sleep was always optional for everyone lol catching regen on an inactive was like a yes!! moment. The trout, the boxers and the white/pink milkshake. I also remember genuine friendships back then. Idk if it's harder to talk to people now or what but I haven't made new friends in who knows how long. Back then it seemed you met a million people per day