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  1. I'm back Pimd, if anyone has anymore questions about this proposal, go ahead and ask, I'll be on.
  2. Keep things in KAW K.

    Its all about the kitty here now.
  3. We do actually have system wars which are player run instead of the developers to get around this issue. No item rewards but still dinner than parties
  4. So.....Beta Wars

    And yea BTW KAW sucks it's stupid

  5. No I don't think I will "keep my things" in Kaw, this is just an idea, you don't have to get so butthurt about it.
  6. War in my Dorms I love it!
  7. Never tried this before sounds fun  support 
  8. Loving the comments, keep em coming
  9. Bb please don't show people how we RP. Let's keep this in our PMs OK ?
  10. No , you probably just didn't understand it, thinking it'd be just like pimd.

    ? I'd like to see something similar to indi's here , was the point of the beta wars , to see if enough ppl would participate..but..well they're gone...so guess the people didnt really want them after all
  11. Well said?
  12. So PVP ? except your not in a club... And you get Rewards from ata

  13. No if you read carefully, the debs match you up in a club, and it's not just pvp there are many different strategies
  14. As much as we rant about wars I don't think people actually want wars. As previously stated , if we did, Beta wars would of survived. Then again I wasn't here when it stopped so I don't know what happened.
  15. Yea it's pretty much beta wars...?I enjoyed beta wars but it just didn't last

  16. That's what this forum is for
  17. I'm thinking you meant bump