PIMD has inspired me lately

Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by Victoria, May 30, 2020.

  1. Wednesday.... You eat what with gravy?? 🤧 It had better be bacon jam 🌝 but it's you, so I know it's not 😪
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  2. Raspberry is the only jam I'll touch. I hate most fruit which may be why I dislike the sound of this pineapple thing
  3. 😱😱😱
    You hate most fruit!? 😩
    I could live on only fruit and be happy.
    Yes.... That does make sense why this pineapple mule wouldn't be your thing. 😆 Although, with taste buds that favor raspberry jam and gravy **shudders** jalepeno pineapple should be easy to drink. 😂
  4. That sweet-salty/savoury combo is where it's at tho. Plus a bready texture? Mouthgasm