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  1. I can't stop drinking lemon drops, I just had a plate of canteloupe, prosciutto and mozzarella for dinner, and the other day this happened:

    One of my favorite hunts yet.
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    [​IMG] So I use champagne glasses instead. 🌝

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. I adore lemon drop martinis when they’re made nicely!

    Some places nearby make them quite sweet though, and I prefer it more tart.
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  3. I haven't been to a bar or anywhere that would serve me a martini in sooo looong 😩 haha. I had to learn to make these.

    I agree that they are better tart! These actually only have sugar in the rim, otherwise it's just fresh lemon juice and quality vodka. 😊 Being lemon season, they are especially delicious!
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  4. I had one once with lemons a friend had grown, and it was life changing 🥺 As we get closer to summer I like drinks with mint too! They’re super refreshing
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  5. This hunt is helping me take note of interesting cocktails for me to try after my 21st. 😂

    Also, everything looks delish.
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  6. When I saw the stat items for this hunt my first thought was “Victoria has to be loving this”
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  7. Oh yes! I agree! I think mint is probably one of my favorite herbs. I'm quite the fan of mint juleps, but just mint in sparkling water with ice is great, too.

    😂😂 I really have been. Much love to the designers for nailing a fancy restaurant date night theme! 💕

    I really wish I was talented enough to make the mango mousse...
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  8. I’ve actually added it to the long list of desserts I wanna try making
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  9. I haven't looked up how, because I have a basic idea of how.... And I'm v intimidated by mousse 😂 but send pics if you make one!
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  10. A properly made mojito is great 👌🏼 that’s another one though that tends to be made to sweet
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  11. UGHHHH I'm ready for our charcuterie and chill date!

    These need to be on the menu for sure!
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  12. A good mojito is near the top of the list of favorite drinks. But it is so hard to find a good one. 🙁

    😍 Name the place and day, and I'll be there!

    Side note: The vintage corkscrew misc they just released is perfect. PERFECT.
    Please sell them all to me. 🙂💜
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  13. I agree! When it’s nicely balanced a mojito is to die for on warm summer days 🥺💕
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  14. My backyard, stat! @Victoria


    Side note i need to make more mojitos, also i feel like yall would be into palomas
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  15. I’ve only ever had a Paloma once, and it was pretty great ngl
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  16. At my work we make a jalapeño pineapple mule that’s AMAZING. I’ve been thinking about getting the stuff to make them at home
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  17. I love tequila, and palomas are indeed delicious. And luckily those are much easier to find a good one around here 😃

    Oh, this sounds delicious. Please send the recipe 😃
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  18. im not entirely sure on exact measurements, but it’s jalapeño infused vodka
    we use Tito’s, cut 2 jalps up into strips, put them straight into the Tito’s bottle, seeds included, I’d let that sit about 12 hrs before you plan on using it. If you use a pour spout it’ll cut back on the amount of seeds that actually end up in the drink, but we usually garnish with a jalp anyways so it doesn’t really matter.
    But you’ll use that jalapeño infused vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, and pineapple juice
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  19. That sounds heavenly omg. I’ll have to try it this weekend if I can get to the store again 🥺
  20. So this is how ppl felt when I said I enjoyed waffles w jam and gravy...jalapeno pineapple vodka thing sounds revolting 🤐
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