Pimd Gifts and Avatars ideas

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  1. Pirate like gifts!!!
  2. What about those Snap filters? I mean those bunny, dog and rainbow vomits
  3. Avatars:
    Gamer (Girl/Guy)
    Girly Girl
    Olympic Athlete

    Makeup Items
    Gaming Consoles
    Workout Items
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  4. Either Olympic, or Viking.
  5. Sailor Moon avas
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  6. Omg ata yeeeeeeessssss!!!!
    And more bunny avatars
    Or a kandi Raver 
  7. Cosmetics as showcase item 
  8. Hollywood stardom or avatars of cool celebrities
  9. Still waiting for elderly people avatars ??
  10. How about King and Queen? We already have a prince and a princess ️️ but we don't have a king and queen yet :/
  12. i agree, some loyalty privileges would be nice
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  13. Maybe have a DC or marvel based hunt while there's so many coming out
  14. Ata did a customer appreciation event. It was a huge let down. The free items werent that great and they brought out a ton of purchasable items that were only around for that event. It was more about getting more of your money than appreciating you.
  15. I want another chance to get the "Hermione" avi...I m STILL heartbroken about that ?
  16. Sexy Vampires,
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