Pimd Gifts and Avatars ideas

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  1. Very great ideas
  2. I want a Krampus avi. ?
  3. I guy holding a clipboard and pen. For me, forums
  4. Scout boy and Scout girl avatar. . Is nice. . Scout everywhere. Why pidm dont have it
  5. How about something to do with the recent deadpool movie?? Get us some avatars and gifts to tie in with that ?
  6. Different nationalities, bill and ted, monster high, fairy tales, Disney, captain planet, Adams family, beetle juice, family guy, Bob's burgers or animals for avatars and gifts
  7. I would love yeezy boost 350's as a gift 
  8. super hero avi's; spider man/ batman/ marvel characters and such!
  9. Full Support!
  10. I think ancient gifts will be cool ?? like pyramids or statu
  11. Deadpool themedddddd
  12. More couple avatars
  13. Also 90's, 50', 60's or 70's
  14. Make Animal avis or have us make our own avis once for free idk just putting things out there
  15. Please renew all the perm gifts. There's only so many times you can send rings or teddies. What about a sympathy card? For those friends having a hard time. Friendship bracelets with different charms to combine?
  16. Greek gods and heroes
    Artimis's tiara
    Athena's owl
    Hercules's sword/club
  17. Sending pimd banks, you click on the send gift you click the money bank to send to somone and it pops up with the options. With the click dial to how much you want to send to somone. Alot like when you buy pimd banks you have the click to dial to how much you want to buy but this will send. It will help dvp's so you dont loose a trill for like a 250b dvp. It will also help growing a alt or tutor :) You send them money from what you have and it transfers.
  18. Wish we could change avatar clothing . like one avatar have an outfit from another avatar ? Or to gain Avatar clothing and mini avatar pets that could be bought from the store? Idk just a thought I just got
  19. Taco gifts please :)
  20. Also I like batman so make a hunt with batman theme <3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.