Pimd Gifts and Avatars ideas

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  1. Basketball avatar. ?
  2. Dota Avatar hahhaa
  3. Sports avatars in general ??
  4. I'd like to see an Army, Air force, and Navy avatar... it's gonna be perfect!


    *please support guys so PIMD take this seriously, thanks 
  6. Support
  7. more avis of different race.
  8. Basketball or Football or Baseball
  9. There are football, soccer and hockey avatars out there and probably more
  10. I want sussubus and incubus avatars with amazing item but I don't know want item is going to be but I'm soooo want the avatars XD
  11. I say you guys should do old hunts avatars, that would be super cool or like the walking dead, zombies, superheros (deadpool),princesses or swords art online! ?

  12. That would be so cool 
  13. Now...how tall to do you expect an ava to be in order to fit and be seen on the screen ?
  14. I think a shadowhunter hunt would be crazy awesome. Common avis - Simon and Camille, rare avis - Alec and Isabelle, ultra rare - Jace and Clary. Gifts available to send could be a selection of different runes and stat items could vary... The soul sword, the mortal cup, the lightwood ruby necklace pendant etc. It's just an Idea so no hate please ??
  15. A greaser type avatar? like sandy and Danny
  16. Mortal kombat avatar and gifts
  17. omg, yeah. or how about we collect runes, instead of them being a gift, like 3-4 different types? like the valentine's day hunt. anyway, I love this idea.
  18. Where I can buy a new avatar, not regular one? Thanks!
  19. press on your doctor notes or extra credits(nurse)>choose id photo.
  20. Let's face facts here
    Hunts are getting slightly boring week after week, month after month, everyone has a idea of what they want for me personally one of the best hunts included the new jobs !!
    With so many new players around it would be nice to see the old hunts reappear starting with the first one !!
    They would get a chance to collect the old hunt items instead of begging for them or scamming
    Many many players have left pimd  taking with them old rare items like the ugly squash ( please bring back )
    Also new jobs would be most welcome
    Increase size of clubs from 100 to 120
    Also a RS award this bugs me there's awards for everything else but not RS .. Surly these players that have been together for a year deserve a reward just like in marriage !!
    Also new gifts for RS
    You ( ATA ) have made a lot of changes in the last year some good some bad
    Spinner wheel great idea but please change the items more often increase the chance of winning cats and bikini more and DNS and extra credits instead of 1-5-50 try 3 -10-30-69
    Make spinning the wheel more exciting
    These are things players want
    Introduce a new party harder with better payouts
    Encourage the new players to stay instead of after a few weeks/months they disappear

    I'm sure there's lots more ideas out there !!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.