Pimd😪😟😰😰😰😕🤤. Please something new.

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by cuteviper, Oct 21, 2019.

  1. PIMD, calling on devs
    Really getting more boring by the day.
    We need hot things.
    We need something neeew.
    We need new parties especially premium parties.
    We need new ways of doing thing
    , fun ways.

  2. Say shit you want then or we all know there gonna be more posts from you being all like. This is fùckn shit why ata did it blah blah blah bgddhktdhusvjfdvud
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  3. Ive told ata lots of stuff to make some it they did it some it they didn't
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  4. They'll do something new for black friday probs
  5. Maybe making suggestions would be better? Like give examples of what you’re hoping to see rather than just saying “make it fun”.
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  6. This hunt brought something new to the table. Some people like it, others complained. It'll always be like this. So either specify what "new things" you want or just take what you get.
    1. Stop Using “we”, not everyone feels the same
    2. If it’s boring find something else to do, play a new game, anything.
    3. If the game if boring to you then you probably play to often or haven’t explored every part of it.
  7. Ur so right ive played this game for almost a year and im still not bored, honestly i hope other people who think the game isnt "fun or its boring" see ur comment 😎.
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  8. How long have u been playing this game in order for u to say its getting boring and we need new stuff? Cause I've been playing for almost a year and im not bored at all, there are even people up here who've played since the game started and they aren't bored. If u don't like the game go find a new one where u dont have to talk to real people cause thats my fave part of this game honestly 🤷🏽🤦🏽
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  9. The devs are doing a great job already to make this game entertaining. You should try to participate often in the community.
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  10. Let me dress up my Ava ata .. change hairstyles from story rewards Avas !! 5 ecs .. 10 ecs ..
    100 ec .. for a pair of shoes 👠..

    And no I won’t download a dress up game ..
  11. Exactly!! Theres are lits of threads or people complaining in pub/campus about how devs dont do much for the game 🙄 like they need to understand they are trying to do the best i can. I can't even say im innocent cause ive complained a couple of times when i first started and didnt really know who devs were 😅. But now i always ask questions and try to tell other people about all that devs have to go through to keep the game running 🤦🏽
  12. Then get out a pencil and some paper and hone your artistic skills. 😒🥴
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  13. Nah fam ! I’m a customer.. Ata is responsible into providing what I’d like .. if they want more money ..
  14. If you not gonna do any thing to help the problem you got then stop moaning about it
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  15. Go talk to a wall or count ur fingers
  16. Nu it's not counting practise day today
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  17. Anyway as a customer and Ata being a business... I’d pay 5ec 10 1999 ec to dress up my Ava .. and so would a lot more players .. it’s win/win ... but not for u poor peeps :(
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  18. I mean you’re right.

    People would pay to dress up avis.
  19. If you're so unhappy with pimd at it's current state, then just leave. But you won't, because you actually like it but won't admit
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