PIMD’s side story is unwinnable... so I roasted them. Thoughts?

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Should the side stories be easier to complete in POTD?

  1. Yes, it's something that should be fixed.

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  2. Nah, just join a cat club!

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  1. Yeah, I agree that there's still a good deal of content locked behind a paywall that no amount of "average" grinding or strategy could get you without dropping decent coin.
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  2. Advice and different strategies with a friendly tone and personal experience to explain why they think some things should be done a certain way if they’re specifically recommending it, instead of “do it this way and here’s some facts about this” with a robotic tone.

    Tbh I was just joking but you asked so I had to sit here and think about what I don’t like about other guides 😅
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  3. You just gave the best advice of this game! Even I've been playing this game for 2 years (on and off due to frustration) have learned something here, thank you kind player. You're MVP 🏆
  4. I like this thread, so I'll give my two cents even though a lot of input has already been given.

    I am purely f2p. Never put a dime here. Also VP of a regular club, which makes things a bit slower for me when we fail parties and all that. We do hop, but I try not to leave the club too often.

    Recently, I decided to chase my first side story completion during the 4th of July hunt. But there were invites, and the drop rate on invite parties are sooo convenient. I love them. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but also wasn't painfully hard and I just hopped in on free parties until I got there. Quite chill.

    Now with this hunt, I loved the side story avatar and as soon as I discovered it wasn't LB, I was determined to get to the 3rd tier and grab it. And yes, it has been tough. Much harder than with the invites that dropped 300 per party. I've spent bentos and still haven't finished it so far. And I'm 8mcs. It's not easy, but it's rewarding and that's the point. It can be obtainable without spending and to me personally, I feel an added sense of accomplishment for getting something with my own efforts as opposed to paying to get there. (not discrediting p2w players, just putting out my positive view on being broke lmao).

    I understand the frustration. But at the end of the day... Just a game. It sucks not to get something we want, and breaks are the healthiest thing if a game is stressing you out and making you feel super negative emotions instead of just being some fun pastime.
    I won't give tips because there's nothing else I could say that hasn't already been said (awesome tips on this thread!).

    I'll raise a concern when it comes to joining cat flashes and sessions: it doesn't seem to be as profitable anymore if your goal is getting drops. It's only great for super strong accounts that need very few hits to get max drops. I imagine joining as a noob wouldn't really push you too far (only when it comes to drops — still great source of cash).

    Most people on the flashes I've seen are LB chasers, and of course they have insane stats. Parties are done in less than 20 seconds (I know, I know the point of a flash is being fast...) and in 12 parties I could barely use 3 dns. I didn't get to hit enough for significant drops even while using a care pack, and it was a bit frustrating. Not worth the bento for me and I'm probably not doing it again anytime soon.
    Normal sessions are a bit better but still, not too much. Cats are lasting an average of 30 minutes in most clubs that I've checked, and unless stats are really high, not enough hits for max drops.
    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but I've experimented hitting every single bar and the results don't really change. So yeah, I think Cat Cafe is getting a bit too easy for high stat players and it reminds me of the suggestion I've read here of making a "pro" version. They've made invites which are harder and drop more (and I personally prefer).

    So, yeah. Side stories are hard. But to me, it feels really rewarding. I'm hoping to complete mine and I know it's going to feel great when I finally get there, but it's not a goal that I realistically have for every hunt. Saving all that hustle especially for hunts I'm super into, and just chilling for the rest of the time. Games should be a source of entertainment, not stress.
    Some things are harder to obtain in every game. That's just how it is. It would be quite boring if everything was super easy and within everyone's reach.