PIMD’s side story is unwinnable... so I roasted them. Thoughts?

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Should the side stories be easier to complete in POTD?

  1. Yes, it's something that should be fixed.

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  2. Nah, just join a cat club!

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  1. First of all, I’ve been playing for a while. Second of all, you have a point, nobody should expect to rise up fast. People upgrade in their own pace and whenever they want to. However, lets not ignore the fact that when all of us first started, we felt the same way about this. Like you said its a game and people should play however they want to play and spend as much money as they want. She is just pointing out that you can’t get far without ecs.
  2. I mean I’ve gotten pretty far without it
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  3. We were all new players once. We all did the time. I take that into account often.

    When I was a new player, we didn't make the same amount of money per hit. We had to pattern (most of yall don't know what this even is) every 5 minutes if we wanted to maximize the profits-same for cat clubs. It felt like 6 months before I even got my first 80bil. It was extremely slow going. New players can excel SO much faster. You can hit 6mcs in the time it took for me to get to like 500kcs-1mcs. The sacrifice however is if you plan to stay with your friends or not. As you grow, you can jump from club to club. At my size, I can hit 8k drops casually. In a top 20 club, I can hit 16k casually. My point is, it does get better. Particularly, once you hit 6mcs-8mcs. You can get 7.3mcs by putting 80bil in the first 35 dorms. I have played 5 years. Its NOT an overnight process. I do not do Cat cafe like some people do. But I've managed to do quite a few sessions without spending.

    Yes, the game offers a lot of free opportunities. You can get a box avatar for free that someone spend hundreds for. They are in spinner boxes people pay $30-$60 for. You can get the same in furniture. You get stat items each hunt you can trade for bentos even. They don't have to give free to play avatars. They still do. Yea, it's not the tier 3 one. But its still one. You can work with offerwall deals

    I don't justify ATA's greed all the time. It irks me constantly 😂 particularly splitting up the free avatars into 4 boxes. Super sucky! I thought the jump to 8k for avatars from 6k was a huge disservice to the small players. I fight on yall's behalf too. I think the money per hit is atrocious 😂

    ATA's greed though is another whole thing. 😂💀 We can make a long chain on that alone. This game is crazy but its charming. I play for the social aspects and the avatars. You will have to find what drives you to play. What aspects make you keep coming back for more?

    If you have any questions about the game, my pm is always open
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  4. No when i 1st started i was confused as fuck on what was ment to do coz tutorials didnt exist yet and thort everyone was a fuckwit coz no one was helping me. Had to figure everything out on my own including how to try get into a club at 10/4 stats. So don't speak for everyone not everyone has had the same experiences as you. You can only speak for yourself
  5. Also you can make it to the very end without spending money at all. It will just take longer. Ive spent money on 2 things on this game. 1 being a cash only avi i really wanted n but then ended up abandon that acc anyway. N the lowest option ec deal so i could change my ign asap coz it needed to happen. Anything and everything game wise i havnt spent a single penny. Stop feeling sorry for yourself n just get on with the game or uninstall if its its bad
  6. The devs no longer indicate this through their efforts.

    As players who help newer players, we have to let them know that tutors matter.

    The devs mainly mess with and tinker with stories because that's what makes them the most money. It is the developers who claim that paying money shouldn't disrupt from experiencing the game, fully. But it is so difficult to reach the end of a hunt.

    Over half of a hunt's content is out of reach when you don't spend. You might reach 15-20k drops if you go superhard but to put that into perspective, Main story goes to 60-80k. That's 1/4 completed. Pathetic.

    And there are so many new players who try to do hunts. We can try and get them to be happy playing within their means, but so many people are dissatisfied with the content the amount of content, they can't access. This is why they are complaining, and so they should. If ur a noob that likes hunts, that's what you are.
    Helping OP change play style won't help the whole community she's representing.

    I have, for years, been saying that the devs should try to sell aesthetics

    Tradable furniture, pet styles, avatars (without totally OP stats).

    And not experiences.

    And even then, too many exclusive things is wack. There is a golden ratio, and they've far exceeded that.
    Not with the rate they introduce new tiers
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  7. Hun, I don’t think anyone watches tutorials but anyways. I too figured out everything on my own. If you read what I said carefully, I said that that when we first started it felt impossible. You just said you had a hard time figuring stuff out and you basically made my point. Theres a lot of people willing to help. Also this thread is about spending money so if you feel like you can do the quests without spending money thats your opinion but I have my own opinion
  8. I never said you can’t get stuff. If you saw my first comment you would have seen that I said you can get some stuff for free. I spend money on this game and if you spend money, you can do better on here. I would rather not spend money truth be told. Also, just because I support what a member of this game says, it doesn’t mean I feel sorry for myself. Have a good day.
  9. Thank you for saying that. You explained it better than I could. I just love your whole response. ♥️
  10. The stuff you played thru when you made your acc not even 1 month ago is the tutorial. Showed you where everything was and had the tutorial quest line to guide you thru the start. Whrn i i start that didnt exist. But no you are saying the side story is unwinnable. It is winnable. Your just bitching about it all shutting down all help people are giving you to make it easier to get more drops n whatever
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  11. First of all, mind your language. Second of all, I’ve been playing longer than 4 months so get your facts straight. Third of all, I guess you still didn’t read the first response I wrote so honestly at this point I don’t care about your opinion. You are entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine. Get over it.
  12. [​IMG]
    i'll write an essay myself l8r i'm bouta play cah w/ the fam
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  13. My thoughts.
    • Being a new player sucks. Perserverance is the only reason there's any high stat players at this point. That should comfort you.
    • Lower stat players (under 3mcs imo) are going to have it harder collecting side drops. I spend significantly more as a noob than I do now, and achieved way les just because I wasn't strong enough to make certain marks. If there wasn't that sort of enticement to grow, who wouldn't stay 300kcs?
    • I didn't know how to properly allocate the money I had spent as a noob into avenues which would be more beneficial and help me grow faster. I had short-term benefits (getting a single avatar in a hunt for example) in mind rather than long-term benefits (focusing on getting cash to hire new dormmates so I can more easily reach avatars in future hunts). It sucks at any point in time to not get an avatar you like, but especially when you're a new player and don't have a lot of avatars in general.
    • Making friends with higher stat players (20mcs+) is beneficial to lower stat players, even in a mentorship frame. It can be more difficult because you'll be around lower stat players more (such as in clubs) but having high stat players to get genuine advice from is super beneficial.
    • That being said, some higher stat players are noobs themselves that got there by spending lots of money. That's why the year achievements are important. I think 2+ years is a good time frame for them to not be a noob and have a decent idea of how the game generally functions and how to use the functions more beneficially for sustained, long-term growth. Their tips would be more relatable to you as a player that spends anywhere from none to average than those that like to get T100 every hunt.
    • My advice: when spending as a new player, even if it's just $10, ask some 20mcs+/2year+ players how to beneficially use those ECs or DNs for x goal. "I want to be able to reach the 3mcs single tier. How can I use these DNs I have to achieve that?" Be open to critique about your current gameplay, and understand that while you may not be able to reach the 3mcs tier for the current hunt or even the next hunt, the information you receive will help you grow so you can get to a point where reaching the 3mcs single tier isn't a grind and isn't beating your wallet.
    • The DNs point I made can also be useful for DNs you receive freely through regular gameplay. It can be enticing to use them on a random cat someone in your club dropped, but that simply is not an efficient way to use them. Save DNs for promos so you get more cash on your hits; save your care packs for that for even more, and otaku amps if you have those.
    • It sucks in the moment because it'll make progression seem slower for you, but having patience to save those items for a beneficial time to use them will allow you to then quickly grow in a short period of time.
    • Current goal to have in mind: Save for Black Friday. The promo is extreme and this is when any player of any stat range will be able to do their most growing. Don't use any DNs or care packs until then. Save your amps. Save your bentos to attend flashes. If you're going to spend $10, hell, save it for BF too! If you have ECs on hand, save those for the 1/2 sale on cats and stock up on them for a year so you can attend cat clubs occasionally.
    • Being a new player really sucks and growth is slow. Please be open to informed, well-intentioned players giving you advice. Seek out advice from higher stat players that have been playing for a while (because then they'll have put more grind into getting their higher stat versus just throwing down hundreds to get there; advice will be more beneficial to you to focus on sustained growth).
    • Everyone started where you're at. Everyone has felt the disappointment you feel. Keep that in mind. Your frustration, issues, etc isn't unique. That should be relieving, because it means that 1) there's a way out of it and 2) people have figured the way out. You ain't alone; you simply struggling with the Plight of the Noob.
    • Try to remain positive and take breaks from the game if you find yourself getting too mentally invested. It's just an app and it doesn't need to be eating you away. Patience is key. Easier said than done but really important to keep in mind.
  14. Your profile says otherwise. But yehh you dont seem to care about anyone opinion but your own so i still dont get why you made this thread at all
  15. [QUOTE="Amara766, post: 5128269, member: Theres a lot of people willing to help. [/QUOTE]
    Missed this bit. Yehh you lucky coz there are loads of people willing to help now coz more people tryna get honor student n mod crates n whatever. When i started there was lirily no one willing to help. Yous got it WAAAYYYYYY easier now
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  16. Yeah I remember when I joined, all the guides in the guide section of forums were outdated in one way or another. Between a group effort revamp of the guides, as well as new features that give new players a leg up, I would think it's easier to be a noob nowadays and get access to information.

    I will say though that when it comes to people that help just for a title or reward, you aren't always going to get an accurate answer. I think that's part of why it's important to get multiple people's thoughts on things and also to do a "background check" (nothing serious, just see how long they've been playing and from their showcase how active they've been, stuff like that).
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  17. Ummm I didn’t make this thread 🤔 I listened to what you had to say. You came all aggressive and I had a similar attitude. I value people’s opinions but when someone catches an attitude, I do the same. I don’t upgrade often so if you are talking about my stats, they aren’t important to me right now. As for your last post, yes some people might be helpful to get something out of it but there are also many who do it because they are nice.
  18. @Amara766 Charlie's referring to this on your profile:
    You can also view your exact join date on desktop forums:
    July 23rd is just under 3 months ago.
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  19. Yehh the updates have been good. I didnt even know forums existed till i had been on the game for almost 4 months. More seem to find it nore easy now
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  20. Thank you♥️ I only remembered I joined at some point in July lol.
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