PIMD’s side story is unwinnable... so I roasted them. Thoughts?

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Should the side stories be easier to complete in POTD?

  1. Yes, it's something that should be fixed.

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  2. Nah, just join a cat club!

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  1. Yeah, not sure why it easier to finish kini then a reg potd but is less than kini. I’m mainly talking side drops tho
  2. All because OP won't be able to get to the third side story.
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  3. 🤨 is this supposed to be a dig? Because aside from being snide and unhelpful, it’s a pretty poor one.
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  4. Encouragement to pay for hypnocats and pizza bikinis. -__-
  5. OP, I think it'd be best for you to maybe take a step back from this game, cool off, then maybe come back when you're not so easily triggered to blow at any disagreement with your perspective...

    It might even help to go try out other games instead; I don't think you're going to enjoy your time here if you're only going to keep complaining about the same things rather than trying to take anyone's advice or have fun with what you do have, which you are so graciously eligible to have...
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  6. I agree that it’s harder for a low stat (+) a POTD club.
    Drop rates are low for this type of club..but it is ridiculous..to even try your best and still don’t get to the second side story.

    I just know that this game is a pay2win. Money grab..like one time only event if you don’t get it now it’s gone.

    Even for the ones that pay to get stuff it’s unfair...opening boxes not good at all..getting that 200 drops and only shards. Getting only shards from them most of the times...gettting repeatedly the same furniture(poster, wallpaper).

    But nothing will change because people will continue spending til they get what they want..spend because they want a pixelated avatar/misc/furniture.(I’m one of them).

    Imagine going to a BBB 50 people=$5,000
    A no plus one...let’s say 84=$8,400
    They be making a lot of money from buyers.
    Including cats/kinis. Monthly avatars. Shard boxes...😂 (different sub but lemme throw it out there).

    Yes, this game is a pay to win.
    Low stats are lucky to even finish with the first tiers.
  7. Honestly, I enjoyed your insight because you provided a solution. It wasn’t one I can follow as it would require me to abandon my friends and be disloyal to my club (yes I know that’s dramatic but that’s how I see it for my personal perspective) which is just not who I am.

    At this point, I’m not even irritated with the game so much as I am with people continuously calling me a noob like I’ve not been on the app for over a month and figured out how it works; though admittedly the wars and trading prices still floor me a bit, but that’s because I don’t participate in either very much.

    I think I will take a break, not from the game, but from this thread. I don’t like arguing or petty insults which is what this has devolved into. That is in part my fault for getting sassy at 4 am- I should never be allowed to text or socially interact when I’m tired. 😬 Thank you for being calm and trying to be helpful. I really appreciate it 🖤
  8. Getting your point across by name-calling and cheap shots automatically eliminates any validity in your argument. I would’ve rather you have gotten the sleep you needed instead of receiving this type of message but oh well lol.

    I have plenty of issues with this game, I never denied that they do money-grab events because they absolutely do. My issue is that I’ve heard the same points you’re making countless of times and I’ve never really agreed with it.

    For starters, timer and lite boxes are a luxury. They’re free. ATA doesn’t have to give them out, they even give you free speedup boxes to open your timer boxes faster, so of course the drops aren't going to be nearly as big as the ones you get from paid boxes.

    Also the “avatars should be tradable” point has been thrown around for years and ATA already made it clear on why they’re not doing that.

    Lastly here’s some free stuff you can get:
    earn cash (get your max plunder from tutors to get more cash), buy dormmates (doesn’t take as much time if you buy the right ones), join a club and make friends (because this is still a social app), be able to have a platform and share ideas on forums (like you’re doing now), get avatars (upgrade to make it easier), get pets, get pet styles, have opportunities to get furniture (on the pimd discord I see people getting free furni from lite and timer boxes alllll the timeeee), earn items from hunts, participate in contests to possibly earn items that could help out your showcase/bentos, and more.

    I'm not saying you dont have a reason to be mad, I’m also not saying your not entitled to express your own opinion especially when it’s harmless like this. Just maybe be more optimistic and try to enjoy yourself and dont let the money grabs get to you? Thats what I do at least.

    On that note brb- I have to go make sure Senpai noticed me uwu
  9. So because this is directed at me, I’ll go ahead and respond but I really don’t want to for starters.

    To begin with, I might take cheap-shots but I NEVER name call. It’s mean, cruel, and makes someone look less of a rational human being to debate with.

    The not getting sleep thing- trust me, I wish I’d gotten sleep too but my body just hates me I guess.

    Yea. I am kind of a broken record at this point- that’s one of the reasons I’m gonna quit. I’ve said what I wanted to and at this point I’m just tired of speaking. It’s exhausting and not worth the time or the effort.

    I wouldn’t say they were a luxury, but I do appreciate the lite boxes and timer boxes- I just wish they’d maybe take the pantheon shards out of the regular boxes maybe? At this point I don’t even know.

    I haven’t seen that argument and honestly if they have a reason for it, that’s fine and I’m cool with that. I’ll have to look into it but maybe at a later date when coming on the forum doesn’t feel like a headache.

    I’m not bothering with tutors. I don’t want to deal with hiring someone’s alt or ytheir SO and pissing them off, running the chance of getting farmed. It’s too much hassle and honestly just scares me. I HAVE a club and I have friends with in that club so I can give the devs props for that I suppose. Avatars don’t really feel free most of the time but I’ve only been here a month so maybe I’ve just missed an event with a cute avatar you collect shards from or something. Maybe there is an avatar out there that suits my aesthetic and hopefully I’ll get her. Pets I love I’m happy for there. Furniture I’ve got no issue with rn. Hunts... mmm. I think I’ve said all I really want to on that. Any more and I’m just screaming to the ether. Contests??? Uhhh. No I’ll pass. Fighting people for things just makes me nauseous and I’m always just disappointed when I lose. Maybe if it feels worth it but I’m not holding my breath.

    Yeah I’m gonna try that. I didn’t come here to fight or shed tears (wish I were exaggerating or kidding) over a silly game my best friend got me into so we’d have something to talk about. At the end of the day, it is just a game even if it is a ridiculously over priced one. I mostly lashed out via disappointment from having worked so hard to get an avatar I’ve resigned to not getting now. I’m tired, I’m sad, and I don’t want to talk about this anymore.

    Lastly...Pfffft, ok props for taking that shot (that I high key regret) and making it humorous. That actually made me smile a bit and I can applaud that.
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  10. Thank you I’m a comedian ;^)

    Also calling me a “brownnoser” (or even just referring that I was “brownnosing for a position) is a name in my opinion but honestly I’m not bent on it lol, I’ve been called way worse. The point of me bringing that up was solely for the fact that you might want to watch your emotions when responding to people you disagree with because even though I’m not bothered, you could end up saying something you’ll regret and actually bothering somebody, which wouldn’t be fun.

    I think taking a break and breather from this game would definitely help. If you’d like though, I have a decently cheap alt, ign is “Avoid” if you’d like you can hire it, and if anyone tries to hire from you just wall me and I can hop on that account and ask to not be hired, if that’ll help.

    Lastly, the contests are actually really uplifting and positive, promise :^)
  11. Mmm forgot about that- chalk it up to insomniac lapse of judgment.

    I’ll look into it and appreciate it 0.0 we’ll see about the contest. Hopefully they have an all black or “goth” one- that I’ll back 100%.
  12. If you “aren’t bothering with tutors” you are going to miss some of the important aspects of game mechanics. As well as the easiest way to make fake cash. The complaints are just a bonus.
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  13. It is easy if you spend more $$$. Put the Groupon down and quit crying.
  14. I’ll be honest I haven’t read anyone’s big ol’ paragraphs but saying the side story is “impossible” is kinda dramatic. It’s pretty easy to complete if you participate in trading, I know some people who got it done on day one. Only reason I haven’t completed it is because I’m lazy.
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  15. /lock
    Op just bitching not taking any help so the thread is pointless
  16. lol i’m not reading all of this, i’m on the verge of literally passing out.

    i have mad low stats, it takes loads of hits on POTDs to get max drops. if you’re really passionate about this hunt, go to a cat club and stop complaining.
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  17. I've just skimmed a lot of these responses but I didn't see much about flashes mentioned. After playing the game for several months, you should be able to save up a few bentos, 10-20 DNs and a care pack or 2 without spending any money. ATA does give enough of those items for free for that to be reasonable. Then when there's a hunt you really like, you can spend a bento or 2 and your DNs and a care pack, and finish some side stories in a matter of hours. No spending money, no "no-lifing" on the game. If you don't spend money, sure you won't be able to do this for every hunt but it's definitely possible to be 100% free to play and still complete side stories when you really want to.
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  18. People are ridiculous on here. She is right PERIOD. If you guys have money to spend go ahead but these tasks are getting more impossible to complete if you don’t buy keys, cats, and kinis. However, by this I am not saying you can’t get anything. I am just pointing out that it is more difficult. Peace out ✌🏼
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  19. More impossible than it was a month ago when you started? It’s a game. Play it however you want. Nobody should expect to be LCBC in a month. Or have all the avatars and get all the hunt items.
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  20. But if people who’ve been here awhile are saying it’s difficult then maybe ata should lighten up a bit
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