PIMD’s side story is unwinnable... so I roasted them. Thoughts?

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Should the side stories be easier to complete in POTD?

  1. Yes, it's something that should be fixed.

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  2. Nah, just join a cat club!

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  1. TL;DR at the bottom


    I was working my butt off for the current side event, as I really wanted the witch avatar, and I have a friend who was going to as well, for the demon avatar (male). However, when the details came out that it was going to take 2,100 cookies and tea to pass the CURRENT side event and there were two more, we quickly realized that there was no way to win the outfit in our current, and beloved POTD club, when at most we could win 28 and honestly, our luck was RARELY that good.

    I've included the math for the most part, so I won't include that, but some other things that my friends in my club and I noticed. One; the POTD take wayyyyy longer than any other party ON AVERAGE. To the point where sometimes we have to use a ton of DNs just to pass it. The 'luck' here feels sometimes rigged; my friend opened 20+ boxes and got only one piece of furniture. She mostly got only shards and decorations. Not only that, but many of my friends and fellow club members struggle to get crystals and crystal boxes. I agree that it it doesn't feel feasible to get many of the furniture as I have only starter 499 and 999, know people who don't even have that, and I had to go out and BUY a chair before I had one, and while I'm new, I have friends that have been playing for a long time and still only have starter 499 and 999's.

    I actually don't mind the fact that 499 and 999's being difficult to get a hold of, but the fact that it would take basically doing just cat and pizza parties just to win a side event and the desparity of luck with the boxes that you're already paying to open, I don't feel like their claim of "EC's aren't required to play" isn't accurate. The Leaderboard items are already a draw to drop a TON of money on the game, is it really necessary to make the Side Story incapable of being won? What are your thoughts???

    TL;DR - The Side Story is impossible to complete with out spending a ton of money on kinis and cats, and I and many of my friends think should be fixed. Help sent me here, so I'm throwing it to you good folk!!!
  2. You kinda went on a tangent about box drop rates, which are pretty standard for most games with a random drop chest/box feature.

    The crystal boxes drop from all parties, but are more likely to drop from premium parties.

    If it is the case that the new side story only drops from premium parties, I would agree that it’s unfair. But is it possible that it’s just low chance drop?
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  3. I agree I did go on a tangent 😂 I mostly wanted to get all my thoughts out. They have drops from POTD, but the most amount you can get is 28 of the items for the second, third, and fourth side stories. With the crystal boxes, the drop rate is really low- I have a friend who hasn’t gotten one in 48 hours. I get that drop rates usually suck, I just feel like after 30 boxes, she should have received more than one furniture, especially given that they cost money to open as well.

    However my main point was an issue with the fact that there is no way to pass the side story without dropping money on it.

    Edit for clarification; you can progress from POTD, but not fast enough to pass this story in order to do the next side stories.
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  4. Stats play a lot into your party drops. That's probably what's putting a huge dent in your progress, which is NOT the devs' fault. You'll just have to miss out on this hunt's third story avis unless you spend money/bentos and get into a cat club.

    For me, though, as a small mcs player who tries to unload every hour and am in a pretty quick POTD club, I can easily finish at least three of the side stories. It'll get easier as you get bigger, but it will take longer if you choose not to spend money, though it's not impossible.

    Also, don't be afraid to leave your current club if they have trouble with parties. I can't emphasize this enough. It was hard when I left my old club, but sometimes you just have to move up to a better one to advance quicker. I'd advise you not to proclaim a club as your home club until you can steadily complete parties, get good drops without dns (DO NOT use dns on potd), and upgrade regularly.

    Hopefully this all helps, but overall, it sounds like every other noob who has trouble because they're still really small and in a bad club.
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  5. I mean..I 100% agree that it’s unlikely and heavily benefits a p2w style. But impossible and improbable are very different.

    You could potentially LBH hop and get more boxes by doing more parties overall.

    Not that it’s likely or fair, but it is possible. That being said though I’m not a fan of this format, but that’s due to the chance drop of side story items per box rather than the drop rates of boxes per party.
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  6. Ok, yes this did help, though I have some comments.

    1.) I was under the (understandably wrong) impression that the most amount of drops for event items any one could get was 28. If it is my club's stats, then my bad and I resend the "impossible" comment.

    2.) My club isn't bad, they're just low stats for the moment, which oki fair enough. I'm not going to buy into a different club and to be honest, I've chosen my home club for the people not the power level. Maybe that was a bad move, but I love the people in my club and consider them my friends. I don't want to join a club just for stats or event items.

    That being said, I have to admit, I was wrong and I apologize. If I have to chose between event stories and my friends, I'll chose my friends every time because at the end of the day, it is just a game. I don't enjoy that the stories are as difficult as they are but considering I am a noob, I really have no room to complain, and shouldn't be in any case. Thank you for the information, and I wish you happy gaming.
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  7. You know, I’ve discussed this with someone else with high stats and I have to be honest...

    When someone who has 26M (give or take a little) in combined stats is struggling to finish an event story... it might not be impossible, just improbable, but it’s still ridiculous and should be looked into and made easier. It’s not about the stats at that point, it’s a stupid style of gameplay that will run a perfectly good game into the ground. I stand by my commentary that event drops should be more or that the item collection bars should be lowered.
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  8. Yea “impossible” was a stretch on my part and I would edit that IF THEY ALLOWED ME TOO, but apparently not. I don’t know what LBH means, but the crystal boxes are difficult, but in a way I respect. The pay-to-open boxes? Mmmm I feel like the luck level should be a little more even. If you have to spend money just to open it, you should be guaranteed something better from it than just pantheon shards.

    If I’m understanding you correctly, I think I agree(?), but I wasn’t referring to boxes in their entirety- in fact I was actually saying that as an aside. I was saying that the second side story for this event requires you to collect tea and cookies, but in my club currently, the max I can get is 28 (not including cat clubs or Pizza Parties) while I have to collect 2,100 total to finish the story. That’s not including the fact that there’s going to be 2 more sections to this story. After asking around (and I started asking people in other, higher tiered clubs out of curiousity) that’s the consensus, is that this event is just wildly difficult and the events have been progressively getting difficult in that aspect.

    I have no idea if what I’m trying to say makes sense but I’m hoping it does! 🖤
  9. I don’t do party of the day clubs bc I like collecting Avis. But I feel like it’s insane to only get 28 side drops and 126 main drops. That’s the most I get and I’m at least 50mcs. I do think the side drop max should be more for POTD
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  10. That is the max for POTD regardless of stats. It’s pretty fair though when you consider that Cat Cafe is 500 and Kinis are 250.
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  11. Oh yes, I’m not saying I don’t agree that it’s difficult. I definitely do. So far though this is just one hunt in this style. If it continues I’d definitely agree that it’s not a realistic way to keep stories though!
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  12. THAT! That’s what I’m fussing about! Max for POTD should be more, or determined by how many hits you do. POTD is the option for the every day working people that can’t afford to buy kinis or cats. They claim to be a game where in app purchases just amplify the game play but most of the game is the events... that you have to pay for cats to complete... so it’s not really “to enhance gameplay” at that point is it?
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  13. Absolutely correct that story lines, even main story, cannot be completed without spending money or completely no-lifing and mercing constantly.

    But nobody has even achieved that monumental task so nobody can say that it's possible.

    The game has long been unbalanced like this. I remember when hunts were yanked away from us (the f2p community) in 2015.
    Yet for some reason they have to keep pulling it further from lower spenders.

    The gripe is outdated. Even paying players now have the right to complain.

    I must say that although the meta of pimd is larger than hunts, and I hold that you can grow and be successful on pimd in other ways without spending (in my own experience), many people do only play to hunt.

    Hunting well provides a massive edge in other areas of the game.

    Their statement is fallacious and I don't know what they regard the core gameplay of pimd to be, which spending doesn't UNLOCK, but rather accelerates. Whatever that is, they neglect, and both their own efforts and the efforts of the general playerbase have moved on from.

    Absolutely ridiculous of them to give false hope like that. Idk who wrote that automated response but I would fire them.
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  14. This!!! All of this and I appreciate the addition to the thread! 🖤

    For me personally? I feel like the draw to keep playing the game is the rewards you get from events. I can’t find a way to fulfill my desire for goth decor/avatar with out participating in events or buying buddy boxes. I find the collecting for the events fun and delightful, if sometimes stressful- and was enjoying myself quite a bit until I realized that no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t get more than 28 side story drops.

    I make $100 a week and can not be spending thousands of dollars just to achieve my aesthetic and peacock around my friends. If at the end of the day, everything I do to progress in the side story is written by a dumb algorithm designed to inflate the accounts of those wealthy enough to pay hand over fist for it, I can’t say it makes me feel good for playing. I love to support developers, and I’m not against spending money for certain things, but if there’s no way to play WITHOUT spending? It’s not really a f2p game and shouldn’t be advertised as such.

    To summarize/TL;DR? Yea, that automated comment is bullshit and may have been accurate once, but it’s not now.
  15. I will add that you are a small player right now. The bigger POTD clubs allow you to hit 16k with minimum effort. The 1.5k story will be achievable eventually without spending. You can even progress somewhat into side story 2. I do consider this game free to play. I am mad about the avatar boxes though. Nobody asked or wanted them.

    I thought making the 1.5k storyline boxed drops was interesting. It was free and super easy with a couple alts. Not my favorite thing but it did open up some opportunities to the smaller player base too.
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  16. Personally I’d rather look at all the things we can get without paying rather than looking at the things we can’t get without paying.
    Like anything, of course people would benefit from making things easier to obtain, but for the most part its not really hindering gameplay, at least not for me and the people I’m around.

    Also about your point on POTD parties taking longer to complete I’d have to respectfully disagree, POTD changes every day (as the name applies) and sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard, it could just be your club.

    Onto the point you made later of not being able to afford to spend money on here- at the end of the day if you cant afford to purchase in-game add-ons- don’t. You have the free will to spend money as you please and while I think there’s definitely rich players who sink money and progress very fast, you can still make progress and enjoy yourself without having to spend a cent.
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  17. Quick disclaimer before I respond; it is 4 AM and I’m waking up to answer this before falling back asleep so, teeny bit b**chy. ONWARDS!

    For starters, what things can I get for free? Literally what things? Oh my dorm mates you mean? That take forever and don’t give very many stats until you’re already op and making tons of money? Or my tutors which can be the source of never ending headaches? Or the lite/timer boxes which rarely (if ever) also only hold pantheon shards or more of the stacking event (I.e. unspooky Halloween decorations) that usually just get you the least interesting and frankly with the current event, rather distasteful avatars? Or presents for your friends? 🤨 They do not help with getting furniture; which must be obtained by, oh gosh, spending some of that real money you said wasn’t necessary(!), or paying other people for them... which considering I saw someone selling a bookshelf for 16B today I’m gonna have to pass. Oh and avatars are non giftable, non tradable, and I’ve only seen obtainable through real money purchases, EC purchases (which might as well be real money), or events... which one can hardly complete.

    Now that second point, not hindering the gameplay? Since joining this app I have heard basically nothing but anger and frustration at how the difficulty is upsetting, and there are enough reviews annoyed over the money grab events that they had to design a, frankly dishonest, automated response. Perhaps for the people you are around, it is not upsetting, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an issue and it shouldn’t be fixed for the people who are just here to have fun and not get frustrated with something that arguably should be a wind down.

    POTD; I was suggesting that the parties felt they took longer to complete when they were POTD, not that they purposefully just picked hard parties. I’m not entirely sure what you were trying to disprove with that statement when I was questioning the integrity of the POTD versus the same party on a normal day, not their picking process, especially since that was more of a throwaway comment.

    And one more thing ; QUIT SAYING ITS MY CLUB. We work our butts off and looking at my club’s times versus some other people’s bloody 26M CS clubs? We’re doing just fine. My club isn’t an issue and I’m getting so tired of people telling me they are. So our best time is thirty minutes later than some 26M CS club- I wouldn’t mind that so much if we could reach tier three of the event side stories. It’s encouragement to get better! But that’s not really the case considering I’ll be lucky to get past tier two now, is it? 28 max from a POTD is frankly bs math no matter the club. It’s disbalanced and disproportionate to favor those with kinis and cats which are, interestingly enough, incredibly improbable to get any other way but purchase with EC.

    And I’m not going to touch on the last part of that for too long or my head might explode but I’ll say this- the ability to I guess “level up” to some degree is, I would argue, not that bad. That is to say it’s not as poorly designed as the events that even those with higher stats with OP clubs struggle with difficulty on events. But that isn’t the issue I’m pointing out at all, and thusly makes no point in this discussion so it was rather irrelevant. The whole “you can enjoy yourself without paying a cent” is a can of worms I’m not even going to touch with a ten foot pole as if it were the case, this thread would have never been created in the first place.

    I’m glad you enjoy the game as it is, but your attempt to undermine this discussion feels less like you’re trying to help and more like you’re brown nosing for a moderator position. Respect the drip, but don’t deny issues that are CLEARLY present because you want your Senpai’s attention.
  18. See, the way it keeps on going, I have given up the hopes that it will be better for the players who don't pay here. I am fairly active and yet I can hardly ever complete the second side story with b2b potds. But that's the way it is here. I don't think it's going to change anytime soon.

    What others say is true as well. It's really difficult in the beginning. With lower stats and comparatively smaller club, you can't make it. But it does get better as you grow. The furniture drops from boxes were always the same. Perhaps you can create a couple of alts and try to attain the lite boxes and try your luck? That's what I did in the beginning. It helped to get a couple more chibis.

    Some furni maybe ridiculously expensive but that would be because they are rare. Right now the furniture prices in general are lower than what it used to be. Stick around for a while and you will get your desired furni.

    I have been playing for about 3 years and I have spent around 10$ maybe all throughout my play. I say, you chill and have fun, after all it's just a game.
  19. I totally agree I feel like if you have decent stats (in Mcs) you can course through hunts (not even complete) but course through them and feel like you’re making progress, but I can’t even imagine how hard it is for the newer players with really low stats. Tbh I would feel helpless. I wish some of the higher stat players took that into consideration when talking about gameplay.
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