#PetsOfPIMD Winners

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. so you are sharing their third party apps id ? but if they asked people to follow them its silenceble, seems legit

  2. Please find MY picture somewhere on the internet and have proof before accusing people of "cheating"
  3. Take another one just like this with a spoon next to it.
  4. It's an old photo of a family pet.  she doesn't have to prove herself. I've seen more photos and they're definitely hers.
  5. My Dog didn't make it 
  6. O...we could've entered other people's pets? I would've won all 3 if that was the case :?
  7. :lol: Exactly
  8. Omg my dog win!! Tyvm Pimd ..Tyvm for posting for mee!!!! Omg I have a picture with the same hat toooo!!!
  9. Awesome winners?? ??London
  10. Who entered other people's pets?? :lol:
  11. And thanks wolf love ?

  12. Ty boobookittyf... ;)
  13. My bunny didn't make it?
  14. #JusticeForFloki
  15. Wot about putting a fs in front of your pet to prove its yours. ?????
  16. Sam it! & I thought my dogs "smoldering charm" was too good to resist. -_-
    ..whelp, back to the pound he goes. ;)
  17. LOL
  18. wow oh well not everyone gets lucky
  19. Always a next time!