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  1. I propose that the name of the party all roads lead to beer be changed to all roads lead to weed with immediate effect.

    All in favor vote, all against don't bother commenting
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  2. No support
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  3. No support
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  4. All roads lead to Hell! Wer do I vote?
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  5. Sorry come back when you're sober
  6. No support
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  7. Both beer and weed are gross, I vote the party gets cancelled
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  8. No Try Again.

    Tru votes Tree Huggers Never Win.
  9. Weed stinky
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  10. Support. I hate the 2 page shit
  11. No support, college kids have skunk weed. Pass 🤧
  12. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but there's always one mf using weed for comedy and isn't even funny.
  13. I’m back ... sober ... wer do I vote? All roads lead to hell
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