Petition to put monthly avatars back on the spinner

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by DylanSmiles, May 4, 2019.

  1. Support. Its literally useless. Why would we open it if we have hunt timer box lol.
  2. A friend of mine got an April avi from the spinner ? And they’re like 60kcs
  3. They're literally a waste of time to open. ? I still have 2 Easter timer boxes, 2 labrynth boxes, and 2 of the current timer boxes; I don't have the time to open one just to have the chance at getting an avatar. It makes more sense to just buy the one you want in store straight out.
  4. Who cares
  5. Support
  6. I Guess I’m the rare person who got 2 avatars from both this months timer boxes I had.

    They should just permanently have 2 timer unlocking slots though.
  7. Support
  8. I also support this. Only bc I’m bitter I haven’t gotten a monthly avi from a timer spinner box yet. 
  9. Support! UwU
  10. also, I'd be happy if crackers would dissappear finally
  11. Definitely support!!
  12. That wouldn't be necessary if they didn't even have the monthly spinner timer box.