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  1. Yeah, I remember jokingly thinking “there goes my application!” when I was looking through it.
  2. Thankyou❤️
  3. I'd only been playing 8 months when I applied. 😬
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  4. it was at least 6 months. swear my soul bro
  5. Petition to make me a mod.
    I'll silence everyone I dislike for no reason and secretly sell modcrates for bentos.
  6. Idk I just remember the actual application having “one year” as the lowest option.
  7. If you can make a thread and qualify as a mod...i’m very interested in making my first thread ever. Js
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  8. lmaooo go for it😂
  9. If you become a mod don't give ass kissers special treatment.

    10/10 reasoning! Lets get you moderator status now.
  10. I
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  11. I know it's hard, but retake kindergarden to learn how to make a sentence.
  12. I mean I don’t really think mods can do much except moderate so idk what kind of special treatment I could even give lol
  13. If you read op’s post you’d understand
    You’re attempt at being funny is invalid, please try again
  14. ahh thankyou💓
  15. Look at you learning how to spell! Now lets see if you can pass first grade.

    I mean, they let their friends get away with whatever.
  16. Oh, an alt tryna blast people in forums. How original.
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  17. Oh, I bet you could use a blast. It's been what? years?
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