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  1. okay so for starters I’ve been playing for 7 years on & off.. i know the ups downs & all arounds of pimd & i petition to make myself a mod anyone who agrees type “I”.

    mkay here are my qualifications:
    •years on this game
    •i help noobs upgrade sometime!
    •my in depth purge hunt idea that got overlooked by ata😢
    • & last but not least i’m friendly & love the game & want to help make it better!

    remember guys if you agree type “I”.

  2. Less than 20k f wins
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  3. Now you definitely won’t become a mod.

    Ata will make an announcement thread with an application to fill out when they need mods, I suggest you wait and apply then.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. i’m joking & not joking at the same time you never know what can happen darling😘
  6. not how it works
    but good luck applying when applications come out eventually
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  7. thankyou!💓
  8. "I'm friendly and want to help."

    *calls new players noobs"

    Dass. Not. Cricket. 😂

    Keep an eye out in 7 or so months for mod applications though, I guess? GL! 🤗
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  9. Thankyou!!! I don’t mean noobs in a bad way we’ve all been noobs before lol😭
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  10. 😐And you think mods aren't noobs?
  11. It's a common insult amongst the gaming community... I personally don't take offence to it but others might. 😝 Iss ok if we call ourselves that. 🙊
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  12. By standard "noob" definition, they're not. 6 months minimum of play time and knowledge of the game is required. Mods are neither "new" or "unskilled" for the position. 🤗
  13. We're all noobs on here and have lots to learn, but I think the bar is pretty low for mods.

    Afaik, most mods don't know how to navigate forums, lack pvp experience, don't know how to rp, and don't know the ToU too well.

    They might know how to upgrade, know most of the common ToU breaches, know some pvp mechs, how to get max plunder, and know what most abbreviations stand for.

    But that's still pretty nooby.
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  14. Cute.

    Also still no. Not by the standard, common, well known, popular, original, most used, definition. Noob is literally the evolved slang abbreviation "newb," short for "newbie". But you do you boo. 🤗
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  15. psh, noob 🌚

    ily ❤️
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  16. The last mod application wanted at least one year of game play
  17. What. Is. Wrong. With. My. Post. I've deleted the coding 3 damn times already. 😂
  18. No, you! 😝


    Oh. 💀 I was sure mine said 6 months. Definitely not noobs then. 🙊
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  19. Everyone a noob
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