Petition to get 10 speakers an hour

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  1. What has every pimd player experienced here in this lovely game?

    Running out of speakers!

    Whether selling or buying things. We have all run out of speakers at some point. Now I'm not saying the max should be changed from 25 or anything I'm just suggesting 10 per hour instead of 5. I'm not sure about you but I check in on this game every 20 minutes and I like posting in campus and pub chat. Once I see those 5 speakers I start posting. Those speakers will last me 20 minutes at most and I would like more then that. I have made alts just to be able to put the word out that I want to buy something. I understand that there is scammers that will be able to post more and people that give pimd a bad look but would genuinely like to see this tested out. Please tell me your thoughts of the positive and negative side to whoever has decided to stumble along this post. (Idk if speakers have ever been talk about in forums. Sorry if there is already a thread up for this)
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  2. No. The current system is way better than it was before where you had to wait 24 hours for 5 speakers. If you want more speakers, you're going to have to buy them.
  3. I wasnt here for that. That sounds very painful. But as this game becomes more popular the more your posts becomes barried. I have been buying them for over a year now. ATA really saying "make them pockets hurt" 😂
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  4. Yep, that's ATA for ya. 🥲 All I can really tell you is just keep trying. Someone will see your post sooner or later. I be🍂 in you.
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  5. Would be nice but it wont happen. Id say we lucky to get what we do get. It wouldnt take much for them to make campus paid chat only
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  6. Very true. I can see ATA getting lots of complaints if paid chat does ever happen or speakers being more common on the spinner.
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  7. And here I sit with my 418 speakers bc I rarely post in campus or pub channels… 👀
    Insightful post tho. I didn’t know that was the rate at which speakers regenerated.
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  8. 5 per hr up to 25 speakers then it stops until you start using thagainain
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  9. you can’t have that many, i believe ..
  10. You can only naturally generate up to 25 but you can buy infinitely many, afaik.
  11. Tell the spinner that when it keeps giving the 100 tokens
  12. You most certainly can. I have over 500 because the spinner always gives me and I barely use the chat channels 😂
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  13. So sorry, didn’t realize it added up when spinner gave you speaker coins.
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  14. No need to apologize!
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  15. Budget your words better.
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  16. Spin more. I have over 1000.
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