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    There have been many changes to this game for the past year, some we have welcomed and others to our detriment. I have always been a lurker, and I admit I’m one of those “big spenders”. However, the recent changes have made me question whether it is even worth it to spend on a game that is going downhill. I hereby post this petition with a list of changes I would like to see made to this game. You, my fellow players can either support it or sashay away huntie💁🏾‍♀️…


    • Main Story Avatar drop must return to 6k
      • at the current drop requirement, most players in regular POTD club can not even complete it without buying ec to open boxes.
      • literally a game wide massacre of newbies and f2players
      • most players look forward to hunt Avis and you’re ruining it.

    • Timer Box must return to 8hrs minimum 250 drops for longer hunts

    • Old Avatars from previous hunts/years must be available as package deals in molly’s corner
      • Package deals must include ec, Dns, CP or keys
      • T100 leaderboard Avis can be made a package deal that’s a bit more pricey

        For example normal main story Avis can be $20 including ec and DNS. Side quest story Avis can be $30, and lastly t100 can be $40-45. Please notice the reasonable prices

    • Monthly avatars must be moved back to timer boxes or spinner

    • Current hunt box Avis should be available for purchase using ec in store just like the furniture
      • NOT MORE THAN 200ec


    • Premium cat cafe and pizza pop art to cater for high stats players
      • this will cover your previous reasoning of growth economy

    • Increase max drops of regular parties to 150 as suggested by another player in the other thread
      • I guess this can be questionable since premium parties are double the amounts of each other including regular

    Extracurricular Activities

    This is my borne of contention, totally grumbling over the spotlight issue. Anyway this is not about just me but the community.

    • Bring back the “party hard“ and “opening boxes” activities
      • this was a brilliant idea especially for the players who can’t spend money on the game

    • Battle/War extracurricular for the players who love the pvp side of this game
      • Locked in roster - registration before every war and even distribution
      • categorised by number of hits for the stars
      • leaderboard based on both hits and plunder
      • xc must be 6hrs long once a day
      • showcase disabled for those who want to participate
      • rewards: bragging rights, customised crown for the leader, pvp award, and any of those goodies in the game

    • Stat brackets for the spotlight
      • some high stat players are just hogging and you can’t even land hits *cough*

    • XC for hunt drops (loved it a lot but made me broke), make it for every hunt
      • longer hunts, more drops required
      • if not possible, add another quest after the 5mcs drop with a higher stat item (6mcs??) with a hypnocat as part of the rewards
      • with the number of flashes we attend and cats we drop, lets not forget the ec to open boxes; give us a cat as a drop reward

    It sounds like a lot of work but I believe that you have enough brains to pull this off.


    It’s time for a change, it is after all a democracy.

    • Give moderators a term of service as a moderator
      • we need new blood, unbiased and definitely not rude moderators
      • moderators should be allowed to be in that position for not more than a year or two

    I have seen a lot of deserving players who actually help the community, take time to listen. There have been many reports from players about current mods, but none of the developers or ATA employees address these issues. We need more active and new mods. Remember if you don’t like it sashay away 💁🏾‍♀️


    • Gifting of store bought packages to other players must be allowed e.g. VIP, ec and DN deals.
      • excludes molly’s corner because we all know those who abuse this one by creating alts
      • By allowing this, it means more money for you and no more reports of exchanging account details etc

    Unfortunately gifting avatar or avatar bags will make the molly’s corner idea redundant. Sorry 😢


    • login rewards can either be seven day or 28-31 days depending on the month

    As the most loyal players of this game, we definitely deserve this plus its an incentive for people to keep playing the game. It doesn’t have to be a lot but just normal items like ec, Dns and the last login an avatar or cat.

    PS: Every game in the universe has this system except this one


    We have reached the end of our petition. If you have anything to add or suggestions, feel free to pm me *NO PERVERTS*.

    Spread the word about this thread, the more players we have to support this, the more ATA is backed into a corner #NoMoneyMarch
  2. Totally support, especially the log in part. A lot of games have it why not this one.

    Brb to pm Nikkiemarie cuz I’m a perv. Bye 🌵
  4. Some of these are ridiculous af.
  5. I agree on the drop requirements for avatars and log in rewards fronts. These new changes have made it nearly impossible for new players to get a new avi, where as before they could get one from hard work/partying daily. I think it's going to shun new players away, rather than increase spending.
  6. Big support for this! Ata has made it impossible to be a new member smh
  7. I support this, but I'd highly like it if we could also trade bag avis. I know they're the past, but I would love some of the avis from those bags. 🥺 Otherwise this is all great and I agree.
  8. Open to suggestions, if you don’t like it move along🙄
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  9. All I wanna say is ATA I KNOW YOU WANT YOUR MONEY but don’t become too cash hungry! I’m not a new player so idk how hard it is for you guys to get a new avi lol, but I do see the price of things rising in the game especially with all these special new avis ATA keeps dropping.
  10. These are the ones I disagree with
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  11. It's a public forum. No one asked for your bratty attitude yet here it is
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  12. I agree. Thank you for making this thread. It was kinda weird unlocking the vip drop avis before reg ones this hunt (not opening lite boxes) 🤧
  13. I’m not one to comment on threads. But I definitely support this. I’ve heard of rs ecs trades or gifts. When I first created an account on here you could gift/trade piggy banks. I definitely agree on raising the drops from timer boxes back to 250. It’s hard enough to keep up on ec parties when your working or busy in general for drops.
  14. I agree to more or less everything except for a few:

    "Old Avatars from previous hunts/years must be available as package deals in molly’s corner"

    Hell no. As much as I'd love for this to happen (because there's like 2 avis from 3 years ago that I would die for), this kind of eliminates the "value" or "rarity" of an old avatar. Leave the old avatars to the ones who actually earned them.

    "T100 leaderboard Avis can be made a package deal that’s a bit more pricey."

    Nope. I think people need to "work hard" even just a little bit if they want leaderboard avis (may it be by opening lots of boxes using pimkeys, flashing, hopping, etc.). Similar to my point earlier, making leaderboard avis available at a one-click purchase kind of eliminates it being "special" and defeats the purpose of it being a leaderboard avi.

    "Current hunt box Avis should be available for purchase using ec in store just like thefurniture"

    Mmmmm no. They're hunt BOX avis for a reason. Not everything has to be available at a one-click purchase whether it's ECs or irl money.

    "Gifting of store bought packages to other players must be allowed e.g. VIP, ec and DN deals."

    Interesting idea but I feel like this would break the market. Prices of items and other stuff such as cats, bentos, etc. will change drastically and I don't think neither we nor ATA are ready for that, although it would be nice if you could suggest ways on how this can be integrated into the game without breaking the game.
  15. I agree with everything you said here 100%
  16. Man it really seems like ATA is trying to push players away...
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  17. I’m in agreement with this.

    Additionally, gifting of store bought packages would be an issue with farming in ToU. Since players are unable to farm for items that require irl currency, it wouldn’t work out to have this implemented.

    However other aspects of this I could understand a bit more.
  18. Although I don’t agree with everything you posted, I truly appreciate how you laid it all out, in a calm and respectful manner

    this is how you get stuff done. Big fan of the community acting like this
  19. I support most of this #nomoneymarch
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