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  1. Hello guys i just want to make a petition for Furnitures prices i would like to change it just like before so there will be no more "RECYCLE" price cuz some peeps used "RECYCLE" price to lowball others and sell it for much expensive which is kinda sucks 🤨 in this new price of furnitures it will be more reasonable and fair for all of us and i hope to make it fixed price #NoMoreLowBalling

    This should be the fixed price for furnitures
    Prices Will Vary According To Popularity

    Early Half of Hunt
    ▪️Bedside Shelf ~ 20 Chibis or 1 Bento
    ▫️Bed ~ 4-6 Bentos
    ▪️Poster ~ 10 Chibis
    ▫️Wall ~ 10-20 Chibis
    ▪️Floor ~ 10-20 Chibis
    ▫️Lamp ~ 15-30 Chibis
    ▪️Bedside Table ~ 30 Chibis or 1 Bento
    ▫️Rug ~ 2-3 Bentos

    ▫️Shelf Items ~ 1 Bento
    ▪️499ec ~ 11-15 Bentos
    ▫️Above Desk ~ 20 Chibis
    ▪️Desk ~ 6-10 Bentos

    ▫️999ec ~ 40-45 Bentos
    ▪️Above Plant ~ 20-30 Chibis
    ▫️Plant ~ 1-2 Bentos
    ▪️Chair ~ 1-2 Bentos
    Second Half/After Hunt
    ▪️Bedside Shelf ~ 10 -20 Chibis
    ▫️Bed ~ 2-3 Bentos
    ▪️Poster ~ 3-5 Chibis
    ▫️Wall ~ 3-5 Chibis
    ▪️Floor ~ 3-5 Chibis
    ▫️Lamp ~ 10-20 Chibis
    ▪️Bedside Table ~ 15-20 Chibis
    ▫️Rug ~ 1-2 Bentos

    ▪️Bookshelf ~ 2 Bentos
    ▫️Shelf Items ~ 10-20 Chibis
    ▪️499ec ~ 6-10 Bentos
    ▫️Above Desk ~ 10-15 Chibis
    ▪️Desk ~ 4-5 Bentos

    ▫️999ec ~ 15-20 Bentos
    ▪️Above Plant ~ 15 Chibis or 1 Bento
    ▫️Plant ~ 20 Chibis or 1 Bento
    ▪️Chair ~ 20 Chibis or 1 Bento

  2. Good luck enforcing the entire community to adhere to a fixed price.
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  3. well some stuff should be recycled 🤭
  4. #NoToLowBalling
  5. Recycle furniture does exist though.

    Plus I think part of the fun of trading is setting your own prices. And of course as Hailey mentioned, it’ll be near impossible to make every person adhere to this.
  6. If you don’t wanna be low balled then just refuse anyone who try’s to low ball you, it’s not hard. Maybe join a trade gc and see what things are worth because some items really are worth more or less then others.

    Also you’re overpriced in your “after hunt” prices
  7. I think the prices for the early half of hunt items are a bit high I wouldn’t pay that for them, your 2nd half/after hunt section is about what the hunt furni usually goes for while it’s still active.
    I agree with the others though, if you don’t want to sell for recycle prices set your prices or just refuse them if they offer low 🤷🏼‍♀️
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  8. 10-20c for poster/wall/floor at the beginning of a hunt? are u..... buggin?

    on a real note, I personally like how PIMD’s free trade system works and how the prices fluctuate realistically due to supply and demand.
  9. No to set prices.

    Markets fluctuate, i think it's both the buyer and sellers responsibility to agree on a price rather than the community chosing a set one.

    You can adhere to your own opinions though
  10. Big Fat no!
    I know you think it sounds good to have set prices on the high side.
    However, it’s about supply & demand and who you selling too.
    Your trying to have Perigold and Harvetys prices for all furniture when sometimes Hunt Furni be straight IKEA though.
    Not to mention majority of PIMD has only IKEA $.
    Make your prices what you like but raising prices on items doesn’t mean you going to get more currency if nobody willing to buy it at that price.