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  1. Does personality really matter look you can change your personality whenever you want you can change your attitude but you cant change your looks if you built like a piece of turd we can't sprinkle gold on you to make you glow you still yucky and ya you can get botox plastic surgery whatever but you cant really fix ugly so imo looks matter more then personality cuz they can always work on themselves and grow their personality but you'll be ugly for life if you ugly no disrespect

    What matters to you more looks or personality ? imo looks for me they win I wanna look at someone aesthetically pleasing not someone built like that thing from the goonies
  2. Personality matters a ton. Probably why you asked for seduction tips.
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  3. My guy I ain't ever laid eyes on you and I know you're the ugliest person I've encountered. Get used to your left hand because I think thats the only partner you'll ever have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Lmao. Well imo, personality matters most. So... u really don't wanna know how much you look like "that thing from the goonies" to me
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  5. Lol that's nice
  6. You're opinion is wrong or forced upon to you by society.
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  7. I'm spitting facts and yall know it yall can try to hide how yall really feel but we are all in the same boat here looks superior to personality.
  8. No.
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  9. Looks are easily changed. Personality not rly. You can fake a dif personality or work towards bettering your traits but you're kinda stuck w what you got
  10. You need throat punched hard. Also stop spitting no one wants your covid aids
  11. Not with that attitude. You can change your personality, your attitude and your mindset at any given time if you wanted those who chose to remain the same stay the same because they want to 😉 you can change your personality your mindset and your attitude and there are no excuses but being built like that thing from the goonies is for life plastic surgery can only do so much for you so you better stay good lookin
  12. Also looks can be changed super easy. A makeup artist can change someones look COMPLETELY like super easy. Cut your hair....thats your look changed. Get burnt...look is changed. Get a tattoo...look is changed. You stupid as fuck
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  13. I'm way smarter than you
  14. You say that but what you been saying on forums says otherwise
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  15. You're just a hater
  16. Also plastic surgery.
  17. I wasn't talking about plastic surgery. And if you can change your personality so easily, you should do that. You're sad
  18. Hate is a strong word but you are a pretty dislikable and deplorable person just from the few forum posts you’ve posted it’s easy to tell that much.
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