PERM NAME COLORS ATA pay attention

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  1. Ata hear me out:
    10 ec costs $1USD , pink and/or purple names are 2 ec for 24 hours. This is only $0.20. Hypothetically speaking, if someone bought that date everyday for an entire year, thats only $73USD. I think people would pay $5USD a week to choose a name color (Any color except for mod/admin related colors). This ideology is because personally my relationship prefers to have colored names. With this logic, $5USD every week is $260USD every year potential net gains per person.
  2. Or the butterfly names from the previous hunt.
  3. this is a terrible idea
  4. The colored date names are overrated imo, but a lot of people like them and this idea does generate a profit in ATA's side. I'd def send a help ticket with this suggestion if you haven't already and let them know you made a thread in forums for community feedback.
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  5. So you are suggesting that ATA raise their price from $1.40 per week to $5 per week?
  6. Thanks for the use of the phrase “hypothetically speaking”, very Ben Shapiro of you.
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  7. Most people end up changing dates though, especially if they are in sfw, or wars. I mean if it was possible to do colored names and defense/attack dates then it sounds like a good idea. I personally rarely do colored names anymore 😂
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  8. Support.

    The increase shouldn't be that large. From $1.40 to $5, but people will pay a premium for the convenience of not having to refresh. Good idea!
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  9. I was thinking it would be a package in shop and allow you to overlap your dates. Because in cases like the sfw, i would also change my date.Not Necessarily proposing they should raise their price but like @Kefo said I would pay for the convenience and luxury factor of having a colored name.
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  10. Perhaps they could even introduce a new color just for that to add to the ~luxury~ feeling?
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  11. I did also introduce the idea of multiple colors however i dont want confusion between MODs and Admin.
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  12. I kinda like that name, but if we’re going on a prolonged time I think it would be nice if the colour dates could overlap with other dates.
  13. Maybe different shades of pink and purple? :eek:
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  14. Peach and lavander?! I think yes!
  15. Imagine spending $260 USD a year to have a coloured name on a phone app
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. There are people on this game who spend $1000 a week on 1056 ec at BBB events. $260 over the span of an entire year is not that expensive.
  18. Once again , not suggesting they should raise the price to $5 the overall message is that people would pay extra to have a colored named that overlaped their dates without the inconvenience of having to change it every day.
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  19. It rly is expensive tho. Just because other ppl spend more doesn't mean it isn't expensive. Just means everyone's kind of sheeple.