Perfection ~ The Not So Perfect Story

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ashleemac14, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I just read the WHOLE story tonight OMG IF YOU DONT UPDATE SOON THE PIGGEH GETS IT!! 
  2. Update pweasse with a cherry on top
  3. Just read the whole story. Amazing is all I can say 

    That it had to end there though
  4. Noooo!!!! You can't take this away from me!!! *snif snif*
  5. I re-read this story 5 times ? for it To end like that ?
  6. If thats the real ending i will shoot you
  7. This is so good!! please continue it!!
  8. This book sounds amazing....from what I have read so far just the little part I would definitely look into buying this book
  9. Is there a movie about this yet?
  10. I just read it all today. I'm so sad there haven't been any more updates since 2013. I doubt we'll get more, but I can hope. I wonder where we could read the rest of it. I'm dying to see what else happens, especially if this is just the middle of the story.
  11. poor @Trendsetting he's fighting rats in the dumpster for his daily meal
  12. Says the bitch who eats in soup kitchens.
  13. It's pretty fucking shit, just like Fanta and Jaco's forum flirting
  14. You know good damn well I'm straight