Perfection ~ The Not So Perfect Story

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  1. So I've been busy and haven't really found the time to finish my update. Sorry, I'll post when I can
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  9. I'm back, though I have to finish my half-done update. Things got a little hectic, but I should be able to actually write now.
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  11. Thanks everyone for being somewhat patient with me here's the new update.....


    She sat at her desk, grading papers and typing away at her computer. I waited until after class to ask her because I didn't want Jonas to hear it. I mean he didn't look to stable to begin with this morning. I didn't want to push him over that edge. The nightmare was enough to scare me.

    "Mrs. Foster?" I spoke up. I had been standing at her desk, staring down at her, for a few minutes. She looked up from her paperwork quickly.

    "Hmm?" she answered, her voice was very singsong. She smiled brightly at me and patted the chair next to her desk.

    "Well," I started, " you talked about dream meanings today and I kinda wanted to know what mine meant. It was more of a nightmare really."

    "Oh! Go right ahead, Taylor." she perked up a little. You could tell she enjoyed this part of her job.

    "Well, what if the dream involved a guy either threatening to kill me or killing me all together. It's kind of recurring over and over again, but the murder is different every time. I can't sleep hardly because the thought of having this dream is in the back of my mind. It's becoming taxing." I explained to her. It felt nice to come clean to someone about this, though I'd much rather it have been Sam.

    "Well, let's see. I would say that someone or something is scaring you in your everyday life. Enough so that when your brain is trying to process what's happened in your day, it ends contaminating your dreams that night. May I ask who you're so scared of? You know that you can tell your teachers and administrators if someone is hurting you." she reached out to me. Her attitude changed from the happy friendly disposition she once wore and twisted into this serious teacher she never was. I was probably just put on the crazy kid watch list the school had in the counselor's office. I closed her door before going any farther in our conversation.

    "Well he's in my class, well just about every class. I can't really escape him, it's almost like a fatal attraction kinda thing. Well in my nightmares it is anyway, but he's never actually done anything violent to me except that one night at the party and it wasn't really violent, more forceful. I'm leaving out his name, but you know who I'm talking about don't you?" I confessed to her as I sat in a desk turned toward her. It was hard to say all these things to her, but I needed to tell someone. I couldn't tell Sam because he'd kill Jonas himself and I doubt Jen would really believe the whole thing. I couldn't keep it bottled up inside anymore.

    "The boy you used to be so close with at the beginning of the second semester?" she inquired to see if she was following correctly. I nodded, assuring her that she was right.

    "Don't repeat anything I said here. I'd like him to think that I haven't outed his strange behavior to anyone." I pleaded to her. I grabbed my books and headed to the door, waving goodbye to Mrs. Foster and heading to the parking lot to be in the actual Sam's arms. I couldn't wait any longer.


    About the book thing the last commenter said, It's a book I'm writing yes. I might stop with these updates though, start working actually getting this thing published. Because this is just barely the middle.......
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