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  1. I've sent a ticket asking about this. My room stats have dropped incredibly as each item is upgraded to 11. Eventually, I'll have 0/0 room stats. So what exactly is x/x% of a 0/0 stat room?
  2. I understand they give you an award with attached stats that match your level 10 item. So basically they just moved stats from one place to another. I'm not sure how that's a bonus.

    I guess what idu is what exactly is the % bonus taken from. Furn stats? Misc? Lol I need to see some math, I need a visual not just a trust us it's there kind of thing?
  3. How to break down unwanted furniture?
  4. hold down on the piece of furniture your want to recycle, then press recycle
  5. Why does this hunts box have shards and not candles in a box???
  6. Its got both
  7. Do we get the thingys for the lvls we already got?
  8. I’m so confused about how this works.

    And why are people saying that getting the furniture to level 11 brings the overall stats down?
  9. It doesn't bring down your overall stats. Just your furniture one. The award you get when you level a piece of furniture to level 11 retains the value of a lvl 10 piece.

    Tl;dr: The stats are just moved to the awards category.
  10. Well the % increases all your stats which is stated in the first post "now you get % that will boost your misc and raw stats!"

    And no you don't lose anything on this. This is actually insanely good. I'm suprised not more big players who are in sfw have done it. Imean they jump on the avatar that gives 90/90 stats that cost you around 1200 ecs if you are unlucky. But they don't upgrade the furnitures? You can get prob get like 100%/100% with fully upgraded room. Sure it's expensive. But that will boost your misc and stats value insanely high. Like it's so worth it for the value it cost. And the bigger you are in misc and stats the more you benefit from it. The one isaw that upgraded highest so far is Jillface.
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  11. Nice haha more working to do
  12. How about making all recycle items recieved equal amounts.
  13. % bonuses work from dormies. A 2% str bonus for a level 11 lamp is pretty expensive, especially if you don't have a huge account. Yeah you get 10m misc bonus in the award, but how many bentos did it take to get there? Bentos can be sold for misc items.

    Furni isn't balanced enough yet, but this is a step in the right direction.
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