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  1. Water. And if not water, I prefer tea.
  2. Mountain dew :0 Baja blast
  3. Dr. Pepper & PEPSI
  4. Coke is way better. It has a numbing sensation pepsi does not have
  5. I just love how the 'redneck' prefers Pepsi. It just makes me rofl.
  6. I don't drink dark pop
  7. There's coke known as Mexican coke? 

    Why do I have a feeling that this isn't a drinkable type...
  8. It's just coke produced in Mexico. It tastes better than the ones here.

    Maybe cuz the fact that they're in glass bottles. If you go to WinCo they'll have some there. Labeled "Mexican Coke"
  9. Oh I'm from aussie land so, I have no idea what WinCo is. But, yes! I definitely agree with you, coke from glass bottles tastes better. Don't know why, but it does.
  10. Well then.nevermind but I have not seen any Coke in glass bottles that.originated from the US. only.plastic
  11. Rum.....and whatever..idc, as long as there's rum. Lol
  12. PEPSI! Pepsi: Born in the Carolinas
  13. Why did the guy get fired from the pepsi factory?

    Cuz he was tested possitive for coke :D
  14. I think he prefered coke to pepsi…

    As do I :D
  15. But water still rules over all! :)
  16. Jack Daniels doesnt taste good with Pepsi sooo... Coke