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  1. Is it me or do we get the same avatars in the shard quest and main storyline?

    please help πŸ’€I may be seeing things.
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  2. Never mind I get it now πŸ˜”
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  3. Looovee this! πŸ’—
  4. The first side story gives one non-vip avi box, which is the same as the avi box you get from having 8k hunt drops from main storyline
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  5. how many side drops do we need exactly for the witch avi? I barely make it to the first side quest avi box in most hunts
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  6. I see it as you get one avatar from each box you gain..so there’s a total of 4 boxes.. which you have to complete the hunt drops and the shard drops to get non-vip and vip. Correct me if I’m wrong 😳
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  7. It's been assumed it'll be the third and fourth side story avi, third being non VIP, fourth being VIP.

    I'd suggest spending a couple dollars or bentos to get into a cat club.
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  8. Correct
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  9. That witch avatar shall be mine πŸŒšπŸ’•
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  10. You getting lucky then. I only got 2 boxes yesterday and 1 on my alt even with max drops on pritty much every party
  11. Does anyone know what color the VIP witch avis dress is?
  12. Wait. Is the witch avi the side quest avi? How many things do I need for it?
  13. Wtf is this πŸ’€
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  14. Is there a reason why I can't find where the new gifts are? The cat and bear?
  15. Glitch, they added the main page thing too early. They'll probably be out tomorrow or so.
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  16. It's the third and fourth side story avi, you'll need to get 1.5k combined crystals and then about 2.1k more drops for the side story Friday before you can work on the witch side story.
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  17. If we finish side story , we won't get those crystal boxes anymore ??
  18. I'm not sure, but if we're gonna base it from the past hunts, you don't get drops after finishing the first side story. And the second side story drop items are different from the first one, and so are the third and fourth ones, so its probably gonna be like that with this hunt.

    You can ask other people who have finished their side story, or you can finish yours. For the second side story, we have to wait for it to be released. πŸ’•
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  19. Does any of the higher stats members know how many crystals you need to complete all the side quests? Just wondering if worth paying out bentos for crystals for not.
  20. For the first side story yes. The second isn’t out yet.
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