EVENT Pastelloween!

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  1. I haven't been able to complete mine yet and normally I would be done by now. This randomness CAN make it faster for users, or make it slower as well.
  2. Ohh for sure, ty for letting me know! ☺️
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  3. I said you stop acting like you know what I want not them
  4. Then why did you tell them that instead of me? 🤔
  5. How do I get the witch or nurse lite boxes are only giving me spooky cookies and shards 🤧🙄
  6. The witch is on the third side story where you collect cookies. You could probably make it if you go to flashes. The female nurse is in the boxes, but avi drops are very rare. The male nurse is on the leaderboard, but you probably won't be able to get it at all at this point.
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  7. Check ur attitude Luci
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  8. Is anyone else's club not getting drops for POTD? My club just spent 3 hours on the POTD to get nothing out of it... Please Help a club pres out!!
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  9. Wrong thread, but this is happening for all clubs, from POTD to cc, ppa, and invites.
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  10. New to threads sorry do you know why it's happening
  11. There is no drops in parties! Plz fix this, Ata🖤Thankies