EVENT Pastelloween!

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  1. The non-vip side story guy avatar’s icon is of the vip side story guy avatar.
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  2. Update: Got her :,^)
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  3. I noticed when you post on someone’s wall the picture shows the vip avatar instead of the normal version.
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  4. Are the nurse avis only available from the boxes?
  5. Femme Boys exist too 🤚😔
  6. whiny baby, femme boys need avis too ✌😔 you'll get another super masque ab avi don't you worry
  7. Yes
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  8. Where can I find the side story rewards and tiers? Search led me here
  9. Here's the link for that thread. :)
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  11. She's in third ( non vip ) and fourth ( VIP) side stories
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  12. Not looking for super masculine, I’m looking for guy avis that aren’t feminized, I want well done good looking avis. Don’t act like you know me
  13. I don’t think they were acting like they know you, just responding to your original post with the same energy you had.
    Also In all fairness the last hunt (Autumn Equinox) had very masculine avatars. The current D20 shard avatars are also pretty masculine.
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  14. Ata let me trade my ultra rare male avi for the super rare female avi, please and thank you. 🥺💕
  15. ATA said NO to avi trading :mad:
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  16. Trust me I know :confused:😰
  17. So no events coming up? Why you gotta get our hopes up😿
  18. What do you mean? ._.
  19. im sure im late but i love the new hunt
  20. There’s no denying but I’ve seen it too much on here (not that it’s a bad thing) I just want more variety.