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  1. Look at the local conspiracy theorist over here🙄
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    Thank you do you how how many crystals the quest goes up to so far?
  3. 1,500.
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  4. i just completed all the crystals task, will we have more tasks that these combined crystals will be needed or they are useless now?
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  5. We'll only know for sure when the second side story is out. But like how its always been with past hunts, its probably gonna be a different item.
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  6. do you know when the 2nd side story will be out?
  7. Probably tomorrow.
  8. At first I didn't like this method to win side drops but honestly... it's way easier and faster. I hope the other side quests (for this hunt) is just like that too because I really want those 3rd side quest avatars
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    it’s not that deep lol it’s just something different and some people like it. Deal with it
  11. I love the theme but, ngl I see a lot of nubs have managed to pull the timer avatars and I’ve opened hella boxs and gotten nothing. I’m kinda losing hope. I really want the doctor
  12. I went back to read the story just because of this post 🤣 I almost can't believe it

    Another good thing about the main story being in xc though, can read or re-read it later.
  13. The randomly obtained boxes for crystals should have been a supplement to the regular side story drops.

    Making them random boxes just feels terrible when you're not getting boxes and even worse when you need at least 3 boxes for any amount of side story drops without trading.

    I would have rather seen side story drops for parties halved with the random boxes increasing your possible earnings by giving the materials. By which I mean parties drop the full combined item while the boxes drop the parts.
  14. I actually think it might be crystals all the way through tbh since they’re combinables and have their own boxes.
  15. That's possible, and imo it is easier than collecting side story drops from parties
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  16. same lol I can just compulsively spend my bentos :,^) worth it for that witch though
  17. How do you get the witch with the pink dress?
  18. Has anyone begun the second side story hunt yet?
  19. It'll be the third and fourth story avi

    It won't be released until changeover today
  20. Thx so much!!! 🥰