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  1. It is. I already got the initial item and am now
    i’m guessing it’s just a bit slow like for a few ppl earlier in the crossover. I’ve collected, got the jnitialand am waiting so we’ll see 🗿
    just some weird lag I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️ to be expected. Got the stuff a bit late but ty for tips in case :)
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  2. Not sure why it posted my draft with it when it didn’t appear💀 sorry for the clutter yall!
  3. I still haven’t gotten the pet styles I was rewarded. Many people I know have this issue. Can ata please make a statement about this glitch? It’s been a lil while to not hear anything about it…tysm.
  4. Just opened my boxes. For me they don’t show up on the general/full pet styles list that shows every pet skin under the sun that you own, but it did show up as an option under the pet itself and I was able to apply it to my German Shepard. So, it might be fixed? Can you try again?
  5. GH lvl 20 is impossible. 15+ already hard . pls readjust the tier
  6. I honestly don't know why people are making a big deal about this. It's not even that hard to level up given that you get free speed ups and clan help. Plus I literally started 2 days ago and I'm almost at Great Hall 9 and I haven't spent a dime. It all depends on how you play the game. For someone who's used to playing strategy games like clash of clans, Lords mobile etc this would be a piece of cake. But if you're new to this type of genre of gaming it will be hard for you to understand the basics at first.
  7. they’re giving everyone 2 months to complete this, y’all fr wylin’. it’s supposed to be a “challenge” for a reason. 😂 goofy. feel how y’all need to about my comment, clearly y’all aren’t as patient nor competitive. 🤷🏽‍♀️ sad how i’m watching big players whine when the duration is in month’s. & before y’all go talking 💩, i’m way past GH 10 so ion wanna’ hear it from y’all either.
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  8. I totally agree 😂😭
  9. Im sad that the void is a pet skin and not a stat. I was looking forward to getting it
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  10. People these days expect everything for nothing. So im not suprized. Ive even had people tell me its wrong that paying players should get extra things that free players cant get
  11. The complaints go for almost all games like this. They all go for the same thing: make is beyond easy for the first 5 or so levels, then make it a 1-7 day process for things afterwards.

    It’s annoying. It’s not fun. No games like this are genuinely fun to be playing because of the wait times. The only reason most apps stick around is the pay to win ability or the constant chance for quests, which at least they included for this one.

    People constantly have an abundance of everything they don’t need, whether you’re doing quests or not, and even if you have what you need.. have fun waiting at least 2 days for everything. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. I've only played since last night and have spent $5 so far, it's gotten me to tier 11. (mainly cuz of the first purchase bundle)

    This being said, all the rewards leading up to tier 11 are very much worth my $5.

    I spend cuz I'm impatient, but if ya don't wanna spend, just give more of ur time to the game. It's gonna take longer but 🤷‍♀️ you got two months.

    Stop complaining.

    For anybody who wants to have a recommendation of what to buy,
    - I highly suggest the speed up pack ($4.99) for lots of hours.
    - Then close your app and reopen it, check back to the store for the "first purchase bonus bundle".
    - with that bundle, ya get 15k gems.
    - I spent the 15k gems on the multi resource pack of 450k+ gold, 450k+ food, 450k+ wood. ( if ya buy the pack for 15k gems it's a 20% bonus, instead of just buying each one for 5k gems w 10% bonus)

    Helpful advice:
    Pay attention to the current "quests", think about them like short extra curriculars. The rewards stack and will keep you good on gold & food for a while. It's always something easy like summoning troops, building / upgrading, researching, etc.

    If anybody needs help or wants advice, feel free to wall/gift/pm 💞
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  13. I am currently at TH 11 without spending and yes the key it's to keep researching and also upgrading your building it will take some time but you can always use your speed ups. Most importantly get a club so that they will contribute in giving chest items.

    Of course my main goal is to hit TH 20+ if possible since we have 2-3months? So I believe it is possible. Do wall or add me if you need help or wanna be friend there
  14. Not sure why people are getting upset about complaints.. Are we not allowed to give feedback, whether negative or positive? This is a forum, after all, people are allowed to discuss and share opinion. Saying otherwise is like saying to people aren’t allowed to give negative reviews on things either.

    So, no, people will not stop complaining. We’re allowed to dislike the app, say so, and continue on however we’d like 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Either way, good luck to everyone trying for rewards!
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  15. Haha like YouTube taking away the dislike button
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  16. TL;DR
  17. I'm just gonna challenge myself up to level 15 without spending a penny. Wish me luck and good luck also to f2p players!
  18. anyone missing rewards ? 🥱 i’m currently at lvl 9 on witch arcana and i only gotten the first reward .. been playing since they started the event
  19. Mine were delayed as well, but just in case - make sure you’re going to the crossover quest in arcana and accepting the rewards, getting onto PIMD so it’s registering, and then it’s just a waiting game. Mine took more than the 2hrs but I did get them that day, just later on.