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  1. I have the same issue im confused lol
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  2. Same here, 🥹hopefully they fix it soon
  3. I'm incredibly impressed with ATAs art style lately. Theyve improved so much and I love the posing, the art, and i'm actually very excited about ALL of these rewards... that said, I'm still incredibly disappointed if its really as hard as people say. I don't mind paying some here and there. Its a choice I make- but to make it that hard is hopeless. (Im also bummed there's no balam avi- the things i would do to get him... 😩) I hope its not as hard as everyones said- but hope is really just poorly veiled want
  4. Same
  5. ive got the avis now, ty devs.
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  6. I got pet style capsules and I opened them. I have the required pets. The styles are not displaying as options though. Is this a common glitch?
  7. Sure, you could've been playing since valentine, but I only found out about this game a week ago.
    I've almost been playing for a week now and I think now I'm finally starting to understand this game a little bit.
    Starting this game got u overwhelmed with so many things, I didn't even know where to start. It feels a bit chaotic to me.
    And still, I don't even understand half of this game yet.

    Usually I don't really like these kind of games, so I'm probably only gonna be playing this game for the rewards and deleting it right after. (but who knows, thought this about SC too and still playing)
  8. Yeah sorry about that one!
    It has been fixed and the VIP Avi's were sent out to the folks missing them!
    It will also send the proper ones to folks in future when rewards are run :)
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  9. I cant Open the game, is there a bug Right now??
  10. I haven't received any and did everything right. I will give it till tomorrow
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  11. So when do I get my rewards I been playing leveled up and all?
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  12. I’m not one to run to forums & talk my shit but…I’ve played many strategy based games, this one has potential but the fact that you can’t collect from the MULTIPLE wood, or food supplies is just proving you guys are itching for the coins mane. I’ve never played a game where they ALLOW the option to place multiple wood or food sources but can only collect from that one. If that’s the case then don’t allow me to WASTE the wood I have to build multiple sources of supplies. ATA strikes again…smfh
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  13. Honestly disappointed. The time it takes for things to upgrade/research is already ridiculous in the higher levels not to mention the amount of time to gather the resources is not doable for the time constraint. I'm assuming most people didn't play the game till the crossover announcement therefore having to start from square one. The rewards just arnt good enough to pay for & the time to do everything isn't enough if you actually wanna enjoy the game.
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  14. Honestly really dislike the app. I’m going to try for lvl 9, but we’ll see. The overall app is extremely cluttered, has very messy pop ups, sales ads, and options across the entire screen. The 3d walking models stick out horribly against the rest of the world being flat and almost watercolor-like, and their walking animation is also very strange and wonky to watch.

    I understand games like this take time and patience, but it is quite absurd how little you get for things. Wood is insane and makes no sense. Food or coins should take time, not wood when we’re in a literal forest and surrounded by trees.

    The story mode is also boring and messy. Way too much explaining and way too big of messages. I don’t care to read “hrow” from a cat but 30 letters long and then a following 3 sentences over and over and over.

    Dunno. I love witchy stuff, I’m spiritual myself, and it’s just.. disappointing for the supposed hype around the game.
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  15. You dont need to read this, I don't really have important point to say 🙏

    I want to cry after reading all the complain 😭

    Idgaf about pimdcrate, hypnocat, pimkey, or other rewards, I just want that furry avi and ALL the 999 (which I believe will be non-upgradeable anyway) but i don't think it would be posssible for the last two 999 🙁

    I beg yall rich people to not being a jerks and attacking random noobs for fun
    and ATA please don't make a quest about attacking other player troops 😭

    I literally just started playing yesterday and been log in every 15mins everytime I awake (excluding when I take shower) for collecting woods in the noob area
    I'm still playing because I dont get the furry avi yet and I still have a hope about ata lowering the gh level req 😻

    And also, is speedup spending quest is the witch arcana version of spending ecs xc on pimd? Is it only for the rich? Because I think its too hard for a hourly quest (spend around 3days speed up in 1 hour to finish all tiers) and the quest rewards is not really worth it though
    or im just whining too much :3

    I have 1 more point to say when im thinking about writing this, but i forgot, so maybe later 😻🥰😘🙏
  16. Hi! You receive your rewards every two hours. If you haven't logged into PIMD in two hours, you will receive your rewards the next time rewards are being given out.
  17. It is a pvp game also there will be pvp events, one is starting today at c/o id suggest using a shield if you have them or making sure your resources aren’t over capped (red). You’ll be more likely to be targeted if they can get resources from your base
  18. So like… are rewards still going properly..? Been a lot more than 2 hrs-
  19. Make sure your account is linked and that you check the "quests" in witch arcana.
    You have to collect a token of sorts in game to receive your pimd rewards. They will be delayed, but you'll get an in game message the same time you receive them on pimd.