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  1. GH 20 in a month??? even with speedups??? Not even close.
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  2. I agree with people who says it’s hard to hit 20 I’ve been playing this game almost a week and it’s really hard to grow
  3. ATA we can literally see you reading and replying to basic questions and skipping everything else, so I hope you actually take all the feedback you’re getting and change the tier requirements before rewards come out today, like you did with single city. It literally doesn’t make sense that we’re going through this AGAIN, y’all really could’ve avoided this and built it like the final product of the SC crossover but you dropped the ball.

    also in the SC crossover you gave us an avatar of a legendary character (kbear) so i think agon is a weird choice for a final tier avatar this time especially considering you put darran IN THE HEADER. Like what even is that, why use him as a visual teaser if you’re not even including him😒

    finally, the last tier reward in this forum has the same picture as the second last (the potion). I would like to know what the satchel of gems actually looks like and have confirmation that the listed rewards are correct but honestly that’s the least of my concerns rn lol
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  4. Rewards will be sent starting at 1:30pm PST March 17, 2023, and then every 2 hours based on the last Story Quest Level you completed.”

    just a reminder for everyone asking why the havent received awards yet, they will be sent today, an hour and a half after pimd changeover
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  5. Yet another money hungry event so those of us who don't wanna spend money have no chance of getting the avis
  6. Ata i do hope you're taking all the feedback from this fourm into consideration for the crossover event.

    The whole point of a crossover event is to hype people up, get them playing this game, and have them enjoy it enough to keep playing / boost it on the app store so people looking for a new game might choose to download it as well.

    Taking the enjoyment out of the game by having the goalposts for the crossover rewards so far out - the only reason many PIMD people are playing it - doesn't sound like a recipie for success.

    Sure, some people are going to spend to get the last tier rewards, but thay influx of money could be seen from a few shop specials on PIMD so I don't believe money is really the end goal here.

    If you either extend the deadline or lower the reward tier requirements to something achievable to most people who began playing since the first March announcement of the game we'll see a lot more people talking strategy to help others succeed opposed to how insane - and not worth the effort - the current goalposts are to meet.
  7. Hey everyone,

    The image for the Magic Gem Satchel (GH Level 20) was the wrong one. We have updated the reward image with the proper asset for the stat item "Magic Gem Satchel".

    Thank you to the players and PIMD Mod team that wrote in to flag this with us!

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  8. What time to prizes acc come out, im not in the same tz as ATA so when they say tmr idk when that is etc, tysm for help if you reply :)
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  9. This
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  10. Same
  11. I started the event before I logged into my ata account....
  12. uh ok but where are the rewards :0
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  13. I think there are quite a few people, myself included, that are participating in the crossover, and have been grinding for the past few weeks, because we thought the professor darran balam avatar would be included, as he was used in the header for the event.
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  14. Anyone gotten their rewards yet?
  15. I haven’t and my great hall is at level 5
  16. The first round of rewards has begun to go out to folks!
    It will take a bit of time to run so please be patient!

    Please remember the rewards you get are based on what Quest you had completed in Witch Arcana by the time the rewards started to go out.
    If you received some rewards, but are missing some of the earlier tiers, this could be because your ATA ID's were not properly linked.
    We can help with this, but it will take some time to get you those missing rewards.
  17. gimme my rewards 🥺🥺🥺🤞🤞🤞🤞🥰🥰🙏🙏🙏🙏😱😱😱😱🗿🗿🗿🤭🤭🤭
  18. i'm at level 13 and should get the vip of first tier avis but got 2 non vip instead 🤨
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  19. It has been mentioned to the devs so I’m sure they’ll be working on a fix for it for everyone ☺️
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  20. Same 💀