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  1. Anyone finished with this event and help me reach 29m in wood to get gh18 before the cross event ends. I would appreciate it so much!!!
  2. You'll need to clear your tree in the settings of WA. You'll get a new cross over event quest with the updated LVL requirements
  3. By the time crossover ends ill only have the grand hall to upgrade to gh18 :”) so depressing how I was so close yet so far 🚶‍♂️🤚

    On that note though if anyone has a huge amount of wood theyd like to sell pls hmu, might be able to make it that way.
  4. Try in your realm chat there’s been a lot of club hopping on WA today so people could send wood to others, good luck!
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  5. Only made it to gh 16. Sucks this ends tomorrow.
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  6. The entire event was clearly impossible without big spending. I’ll be uninstalling.
  7. awww, didn't finish gh16 :(( I wanted the avis
  8. Plus the pay to play people like to make sure nobody gets crossover rewards but them and their friends. I’ve seen it in all the realms I’ve been to. I get it’s a war game but some are just petty.
  9. Yes. The big players scout for overcap constantly. If you don’t set alarms for the 8 hour shields, that are all they give you, it is impossible to save enough to upgrade. The whole event has been hugely disappointing and I won’t do the next crossover event.
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  10. I only made it to 13 because of a series of unfortunate events, I really wanted the study window 999. Oh well I suppose, I gave it my best shot
  11. Anyone will to help me get to gh18? I'm on gh17 🥲. We can work out a deal.
  12. I got it recently. Maybe clearing the cache helped. It wasn’t right away, though. Check quests, too.
  13. I'm so sorry I'm spamming but I'm so close to gh18!!! I only need around 14m wood to ug! If anyone has any extra I would gladly appreciate it!
  14. So this event ended right? Or can y’all extend it.
  15. I think we still have 12hrs
  16. Only need 11.2m in wood to ug my gh. Anyone have extra 🥲
  17. Highly doubt it. They already lowered the gh requirements (which were ridiculous to achieve anyways). Only possible way to get all reward now is to dump a lot of money
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  18. I need woods 🤧 why is it ends today...
  19. I also need wood 🥲. Still 11m in wood for gh18
  20. Only need 9m wood @_@ sooo close to ug gh18