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  1. Certain shields should’ve been easier to obtain cause nobody has time to keep renewing 8 hour shields and they’re working.😐
    At least with koh if you invited people you got a variety of rewards for that during koh crossover.
  2. ATA please give us more time ,give us the chance to get to higher level..15lvl + is so hard ,plus all the time worrying that some other player will keep attacking us, instantly taking everything from us, especially when u are all the time in the game working for this and then see it taken away, disappointment. I like the game but pls extent
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  3. You're joking right.
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  4. Hopefully there will be an extension. 🙃
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  5. I really want an extension like everyone else but let’s be real…ATA already got their bread the big spenders on PIMD that stay on LB already hit the lvl 18 GH due to just opening their wallet & doing so. Others that work, school, kids or just simply can’t do that aren’t able to reach the requirements. I’m at GH 16 close enough & I probably spent around ($50 not at once) It’s sad when a community is ACTUALLY coming together for similar purposes but they still rather look at the coins then the supporters, Smfh.
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  6. Can we get an extension pls
  7. An extension would be great, I'm being hit by players EVEN when I don't have anything. I almost gave up and deleted the game, it was fun in the beginning but now it just feels like a waste of time. There should be more ways to get shields, that doesn't cost much, and wood should be way easier to get & maintain. This could be a great game but it's 4.9/10 for me
  8. I can’t get far since I’m constantly being attacked by such high players. Made me lose interest for sure :(
  9. Made it to gh17 today and happy to be done with wa cause gh18 is impossible.
  10. I should reach GH17 by tomorrow.
  11. That’s wonderful 💖
  12. Same here. Got my GH17 this morning and GH18 is unattainable. Im not even trying. With the grand battles event and farmers around, its impossible to gather enough wood. Too bad cuz i liked the library door.
  13. I have too much to say but no patience to write it all, so ill try my best to be concise.

    - This crossover event from a marketing standpoint is WA’s best shot at expanding its database. Nothing they can organize in the future will be as effective as ATA literally dipping their hands in their bag of existing loyal players hungry for rewards from other ATA platforms.
    - With that being said, they can only dangle the carrot infront of the players for so long before the rewards lose their appeal. The rewards will no longer feel special/exclusive, and at one point that means all the players will get to reach ‘The Carrot TM’
    - Problem is, WA’s team is not in a safe enough position to get rid of the carrot right now. The game very much still feels like its in beta mode. For players to like WA as a standalone game, enough to retain them without an external benefit, the game needs to be better developed.
    - Even if the game is not fully developed, players can still be retained via positive experiences. Most of the players here ended their gameplay on a sour note before the period for rewards was even over.
    - Positive experiences can range anywhere from devs interacting in realm chats like they do here on pimd, getting random ‘you got this!’ notes in inbox that makes things feel more personal (parasocial relationships are my bread and butter come at me im emotionally starved), random lil rss gifts like they do w/lite boxes here, etc…
    - Its not too late to offer this positive end note; yes this game has been bumpy as hell with errors for days, but an extension that offers false hope (lets be real a week can only do so much no one is gonna jump 2 ghs in that time frame, so if one week makes people happy it wont affect reward stats v much) can do the trick.
    - Extending events can be a nightmare when you have a strict schedule for content and servers that need to be spoon fed; so maybe as a last goodwill ‘good luck!’ token of appreciation or something, you can give out rss tokens that 1) ends things on a positive note 2) make some players feel like they can still do it (false hope babyyyy), at least to keep them long enough till the last second of crossover 3) humanizes ATA a little bit (positive brand association) 4) makes the players that felt like they lost *so much* at least feel like they were taken into consideration and that their losses were partially covered for.
    - I understand that ATA probably already got all its biggest spenders hooked on WA anyway, but at the end of the day, these spenders are gonna need people to play with. F2P players enrich the experience for these big spenders making them want to spend their dime to begin with. Making retention of these F2P players also important.

    Thats it for now! Lmao its probably too long but yeah, tc everyone!
  14. Most likely gh 16 will the last gh rewards i will get before crossover it ends
    As for me the game is not really fun for me since it feels like it just money grab especially how much wood and time you need for upg and people keep stealing it kinda feels impossible to achieve that
    So when the crossover ends i am not gonna be playing the game anymore
    As well i don't understand why you made this 18 lvl since Single City was 16 lvl to get all rewards
    Anyway congratulations to all who manage to reach the lvl 18 and get all the rewards
  15. I reached GH lvl 17 and just now received the rewards for GH lvl 16. But with the new standards of completion, I should be receiving another reward for the new completion of GH lvl 17. But yet, I have not. Wth?
  16. Clear your tech tree cache and normal cache in game settings and it should fix it if not then send a help ticket
  17. In which game?
  18. I have not been awarded gh16 awards.
  19. Same & I been hit the gh16 mark
  20. In WA