Party Award Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Tweak, May 15, 2014.

  1. Sticky please pimd! Should have been done already
  2. bumpity
  3. Why is this not stickied yet? 
  4. pimd c allowed to take vacation days or something? lol
  5. Yes good guide, smurfette. You did it all.
  6. Yes john i believe when i said she proved the links and coding the major parts of it u should of figured that out :roll:

    Anways will be updating with the two new parties Pizza Pop Art and Fitspiration as soon as i find out their bonuses so incomplete for now, expect updated version in about a week or so!
  7. Provided* damn fail
  8. Hi Tweak, miss you.
    lol - lots of love
  9. I got my x50 Fits and there isn't a bonus. However it did say something like it gave me an item and to check my inventory, but I still haven't figured out what it is 
  10. adding this to my Oreo guide!
    Great job!
  11. It's sad this thread came out right before fits and ppa  otherwise it's amazing 
  12. I did the Fake Art ×50 and never got 20,000 Strength or intelligence i would like to know why?
  13. ? ?
    I am epic ^
  14. Check your misc bonus on your profile shady. Should be under your tutors.
  15. Building AB