Our LGBTQ+ community

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  1. and ya know, if the The Nice Apes™ are gonna go ahead and act like their hypocritical asses are LGBTQ+ activists, they should...probably....cognise that not every lesbian is a stone butch
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    An apology thread would be nice from them... But obviously just like any other thread they've made, they already abandoned the thread.
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    So any conservatives around on this thread? Just me? Alrighty then.. Cool
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    What is a conservative?
  5. .....All avatars are meant to represent themselves not whole groups of people. If people are so linear in thought that they see avatars in embodying people that are just being themselves and assume everyone in the LGBTQA+ community are like those people, then they're morons.

    You guys gotta stop this.

    The avatars are fine because they do represent SOME people in the community. In fact TWO avatars are celebrities in the community. And one is inspired by another. So calm your breasts.

    This entire thread is moronic.

    At the end of the day this is a game for god sakes. You're all here bickering and thinking that your opinions are being heard or something will come from this discourse. But nothing will. So just shut up. No one here changed their stance on anything.

    I have no idea why this wasn't locked by Jodie in the first place. We don't need discourse with the devs.
  6. And if someone says this was an informative discussion and we learned things, THIS IS THE AGE OF INFORMATION.



  7. Books < Conversation
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    ️Thank You ATA ️
  10. This is what happens when you try too hard to be accepted. Be what you wanna be no one could care less. As long as you identify as a human,have the decency to be humane about it.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion and have the right to lawfully express it (within the confines of the ToU in this case, free from "bias"). Really, nobody owes anyone here anything other than tolerance and respect, and even the latter is earned.

    Of course you can't please every single person in the community,that's why you need to apply the concept of moderation. What you did there, was excessive. You tried too hard you almost lost it apes.
  11. Someone said it
  12. Agreed.
  14. I know you are the mid one 
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    Thanks ATA..

    Love Wins!?️
  16. BLESS Y'ALL.
  17. Obvious troll is obvious.

  18. Pretty much what i thought^
    And i love my milf avatar, its like the polar opposite of me irl though maybe i need to inform the FBI of this injustice on a freemium app
  19. Im bisexual and my own parents think im "decived" and whatnot like no i like girls and guys so deal with it :') Love You Ata!! The Pride month avis are amazing and so is everything for pride month
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    I expected more trolls.

    Consider me shook.
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